Liberian Actress Saycon Sengbloh Cast along with Lupita Nyong’o in: ‘ECLIPSED’

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The hosts of the play ‘Eclipsed’ have announced Liberian-born American Broadway actress Saycon Sengbloh as cast to feature in alongside the Kenyan-born Academy Award winner Lupita Nyong’o.

The play will premiere to the public on September 29th in New York City and will run approximately two hours and fifteen minutes.

‘Eclipsed’ is a stunning drama composed by Zimbabwean-American playwright and actress, Danai Gurira, co-author of ‘Continuum’ and who played the role of Michonne in AMC’s The Walking Dead.

South African-born Liesl Tommy is expected to direct the drama.

The stirring, heartbreaking play is set in the Liberian civil crisis, in which courageous and brave women who have been held captives as wives of a rebel officer survive by coming together.

As the women try to endure life under the rebel officer, the build-up becomes a cat and mouse game, enhancing plot development. It is a story of continued resistance and resilience.

Sengbloh, who is playing the road of Helena, posted on her Facebook page: “Excited for rehearsals. This off-Broadway play will be packed with lots of power, a lot of heart,”

“It’s great being featured as a Liberian woman; it’s part of my heritage,” Sengbloh said on her website. “I dedicate the upcoming performance to my father and nephew.”

According to anonymous sources close to the production team, Sengbloh is a fearless actress, full of creativity and intelligence, and the team is excited to work with such a person.

“I know she feels the same way and it’s thrilling to have her as a cast,” a source added.

Sengbloh is a Liberian with American heritage, who has featured in many of Broadway films, including “If Ya Hear Me,” “Motown the Musical”, “Fela!”, “Hair”, “The Color Purple”, “Wicked” and “Aida”.

She has used her talents and helped raise funds for charity organizations that support the growth of her motherland.

Lupita Nyong’o, who starred in “12 Years a Slave”, will portray the character of a girl who arrives quivering in the harsh environment when the rebels make her yet another of his many captive wives.

Pascale Armand stars as Bessie in the play, while Akosua Busia will play the role of Rita and Zainab Jah as Miami. The artists have since had numerous stage credits.


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