Liberia Visual Arts Academy Reopens


It was a scene full of enthusiasm when nearly 20 students of the Liberia Visual Arts Academy (Livarts) finally had the opportunity to reopen the institution following months of closure due to the Ebola virus.

Speaking over the weekend at Livarts campus on 15 Street, Sinkor, Leslie Lumeh the Executive Director said, “The creative vision of youths with the ambition to become artists should not be taken for granted by parents and the public.”

He added that Livarts does not only teach the importance of students realizing the value of their inspiration, but that it also gives them a career.

“At Livarts our goal is to influence the mind of future artists in a positive way, and it’s on this quality we are built,” he disclosed.

He said “Visual arts can effectively address all ills in the society, craft opportunity for the generation of practicing artists to share their country’s culture and present issues that affect lives through their work.”

Livarts as an institution was accredited in 2010, by the Ministry Of Education to run a two-year certificate program in specialist and technical education.

As an arts institute, it ran a Kids Power program for 10-15 year-old children in helping build their critical thinking, creativity and innovation in art.

Also, its certificate program is a two- year youth empowerment career course intended to upgrade visual arts skill. Upon completion of core coursework, the student will receive a certificate of achievement from the academy.

Livarts works involved training of students in traditional arts of drawing, painting and photography, but also incorporate modern communication and design methods in technologies, Mr. Lumeh explained.

Theophlius C. Bowah, a student of Livarts said, “Arts inspired the mind and the picture created presents things from different angles to the world, so as to connect you with your culture.”

He added that being an artist has been his dream but it was through Livarts that his imagination and deep understanding of culture was in improved.

Whether you are working from a photograph, from a memory or location, you need a retentive memory and a good drawing begins with a sketch in the mind, he said to the students.

 “I’m asking the public to support arts; it is the future of many creative youths of this country, Tracy Lumeh said, “ I’m very much excited to see myself in school after the long period of absence due to the Ebola crisis.”

Mr. Lumeh said, “Livarts remains committed in building the creative vision of future artists and will enlighten their deep understanding about the Liberian culture.”


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