Liberia to Participate in Paris Fashion Show


The President of the Liberia National Tailors, Textiles, Garment and Allied Workers Union (LNTTGAWU), Lansana K. Dawon, said the union will participate in this year’s renaissance African Fashion show scheduled for November 21 in Paris, France.

Mr. Dawon said his organization is impressed with the enabling environment created for the union to participate in this year’s Paris fashion show.

“We promise the union’s mission to France will be utilized to the fullest and we believe in local-made products and are ready to display it in any part of the world,” Mr. Dawon said.

Mr. Dawon said 15 persons from the tailors union, arts and crafts and culture union will join the Liberia fashion ambassador in the United States to participate in the trade fair, which will bring together African, American, Asian and European fashion designers to exhibit their respective products.

He said the union will continue to create an enabling society for its members to participate in the economic development of the tailoring, textile, cotton and weaving industries in the country.

Mr. Dawon explained that the union is expanding the potential of fashion as a tool to fight poverty in Liberia by creating wealth through the empowerment of women and youths in various fashion vocations.

“This will include capacity building schemes, workshops and setting up small and medium scale businesses.


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