‘Liberia Needs to Market Tourism’


The Minister of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism, Lewis G. Brown has emphasized the need for Liberia to market its tourism to the international world, which will enable it to be explored and developed.

Making the disclosure at the Ministry of Information’s regular Thursday press briefing held on Capitol Hill in Monrovia, Minister Brown averred that the beauty of Liberia’s tourism, including the Bomi Lake, was a place to be when in search of tourism sites in Liberia.

He emphasized the need for a genuine effort to continue in promoting Liberia’s own products and showcasing these to the world of tourism.

But it is important to remind heads within the tourism sector of Liberia that there are many characteristics of tourism as an activity, which make it particularly relevant to low income countries and to poor communities within them.

In research on drivers of world trade, turism places great value on some common features of developing countries, such as warm climate, rich cultural heritage, inspiring landscapes and abundant biodiversity. These strengths can be particularly apparent in rural areas, which may have a comparative advantage for tourism while being at a disadvantage in most other economic sectors.

He explained further that tourism also helps in creating job opportunities for the citizenry, in which Liberians must all engage, in order to ensure that the sector is developed and can achieve its outlined goals, including creating employments and giving facelifts to the nation.

“Our traditional displays of Liberian fashion help to market this country in the area of tourism. And tourism also helps in creating a facelift for the country, community and its citizens,” he noted

He said that with the completion of roads and major infrastructures in other parts of the country, there would be a great kindness of the ocean, golden beaches and others colorful tourism areas in Liberia.

Minister Brown said one of the characteristics of Liberians that will be display in Bassa during the World Tourism Day will be the extraordinary handshake, which Liberians are known for, though more is expected to take place, including the traditional food of the various tribes.

He said the activities of this year will be held in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, and called on all Liberians, including hip-co artists, traditional dancers and cultural dancers, among others, to make their presence known on Monday, September 28 to celebrate this great day.

“We continued to get better and better within the area of tourism on a daily basis and we must work in sustaining this environment as well as bringing more attractions to the sector and the world. We also need to believe in locally-made products, displaying what we have as a country and people,” he cautioned Liberians.

The Minister also admitted to the lack of infrastructure within the tourism sector of Liberia, which has received the greatest criticism from the public, expressing hope that there will be improvement when roads and other developments are completed.

In researching its accessibility to the poor, Tourism is a relatively labor intensive sector and is traditionally made up of small and micro enterprises. Many activities in tourism are particularly suited to women, young people and disadvantaged groups such as ethnic minority populations. Many tourism jobs are potentially quite accessible to the poor, as they require relatively few skills and little investment.


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