Liberia National Academy of Music Announces Mid-Year Concert

Official Music will be performed by the Academy’s Choir, the Liberia Premier Choral Society (LIPCS)

The Liberia National Academy of Music through its official choir, The Liberia Premier Choral Society presents Mid-Year Concert 2018 under the Theme: “Music and History”. The event is slated for Sunday, September 23, 2018, at 5:30PM at the S. T. Nagbe United Methodist Church, 13th street, sinkor, Monrovia. Since the inception of the Academy, its goal has been to foster formal and classical or choral music to the Liberian people and foreign friends. Because of this, the academy will at this time use music as a therapy in reflecting on the past, present and future of Liberia through the use of music.

The Academy believes strongly that as we move on as a country, the youthful generation needs to understand where Liberia came from as per her cultural practices and traditions as well as her relationships and attitudes towards other countries around the world. When this is done, our country will grow in harmony, peace and development. Besides, the academy will also educate the society on how music can attract investments as well as to improve the educational sector of our country in the areas of critical thinking, sound decision making and creating a spirit of empathy for each other as a people.

As we reflect on our country’s history with the use of choral and classical music, the academy will be very honest in honoring distinguished personalities and musicians who have helped in the improvement and fostering of the arts, some of which include Atty. Prince Decker (Conductor), Mr. Daniel Wollo (Organist/ Music Trainer), Mr. Isaac C. Woods (Organist/ Music Teacher), Mr. Momoh Sandimanie (Chorister/ Patriot) and so on. The Liberia Premier Choral Society will perform from its refreshing repertoire compositions from the following composers: Mendelssohn, G. f. Handel, John Rutter the British Maestro, Prof. Agnes Nebo, Cece Jonah and others.



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