Liberia Movie Union to Host Election Saturday


The Election Commission Chair of the Liberia Movie Union (LIMU), Varfee Y. L. Holmes, has promised free, fair and transparent election, slated for Saturday at the Ministry Of Information Culture and Tourism (MICAT).

 The Election Commission, according to him, is for everyone and therefore, does not have any interest in a particular candidate to win.

“The Commission remains committed to ensure that a successful election is held. No body from the Commission will ever take a side in conducting this election and we are assuring the public of free, fair and transparent election,” Holmes maintained.

He added that the best way to express one's disagreement about the election process is through the ballot box as movies practitioner.

He also said significant gains have been made for the Saturday’s election and the commission is fully prepared to carry on its duty without any delay.

“This election is the first ever democratic election LIMU will be hosting in history as opposed to the days where directors and producers sit in one room and elect leadership,” he disclosed.

 Up to press time last night there has been to updates from the commissions as to the number of candidates.

 But the voting poll will open at 9:00am and close by 5:00pm, and the election result would be announced the same day.

 “We started this election process on a very tough note,” he said, adding, “the election had to be postponed from it original date of April 30 to Saturday, May 23, so as to create opportunity for equal participation of Movie Union members,” he explained.

However, he said another reason that the election was delayed is that there was a letter of complained file to Minister Andrew Tehmen, Deputy Information Minister for Administration by some aggrieved movie makers pushing to put a hold on to the process until a convention was held. 

“But we made them understand in our stakeholder meeting that the leadership of Kadiatu Kamara has expired and since it is a special election, some parts of the constitution will not be effective,” he added.

He said further that Friday there will be a national debate among candidates at the Gray D. Allison Memorial High School to enable them present their platforms to voters.

 “The commission is calling on every registered voter to come out on Saturday and vote the candidate of their choice," he said.

Meanwhile, Martha E. Arkosah standard bearer of the Dream Team has expressed confidence in the electoral process so far, hailing it as a landmark achievement. 

“I believe that the team has already won the election and we are calling on our supporters to come out and vote Saturday,” she said.

Aloysius P. Taylor, standard bearer of the Reality Team said, he can’t comment on any electoral issue until he knows the outcome of the meeting with the commissions on today.


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