Liberia Film Institute (LFI) Graduates 6th Class of Accountability Film Students


The Liberia Film Institute(LFI) graduated its 6th class of accountability film students on April 7th, 2016 at a ceremony in Kebbah under a 2 year program to support civil society change-makers in Liberia.

Six students were honored in front of a crowd of special guests and VIPs after months of classes through which they learned technical film making skills along with in-depth classes on issues of accountability, citizenship and integrity.

The LFI began with Accountability Lab support in 2013, and Divine Key Anderson — the Director of the LFI — is currently part of the Lab’s Incubator, a 2–year program to support civil society change-makers in Liberia. The LFI has now graduated over 40 young film-makers who have made films about everything from sexual abuse in schools, to lack of clean drinking water to corruption in local government. During the Ebola crisis, the LFI team made Ebola awareness films in local languages and carried out mobile cinema in all of the hotspots around the country, making thousands of citizens aware of the need to stay safe. The films take a positive perspective, with ideas for how to solve some of Liberia’s most pressing problems. This graduating class of students made films about teenage pregnancy, women’s rights, elections and more.

Director Anderson said at the graduation: “Youth are the future of this country and film is a critical tool to engage Liberians around our biggest challenges. These students have worked hard and now have the responsibility to use their newfound skills to develop this society.”
Logan Campbell said on behalf of the Accountability Lab: “This class of students is incredible. They are going on to jobs in media, civil society, business and more, and have the mindsets and skills to really make a difference. These students are representative of a new culture of media in Liberia who will focus on educating through film and promoting concepts of accountability and integrity”.

The LFI offers regular, free accountability film school cycles for young Liberians interested in developing their film-making skills at a dedicated campus in Kebbah. The next application process begins soon. Anyone interested can visit the Liberia Film Institute Facebook page to stay up to date.


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