LIB Swagg Dance?


In an upcoming one-day performance with some of the industry’s big names, a talented, rambunctious gang of young men calling themselves the All Stars Entertainment Group is expected to blaze Monrovia with what they say is a fresh, new signature dance style for Liberia, called the ‘LIB Swagg’.    
The group will stage their performance live at 2:00pm on Sport Commission, Friday, April 24.
LIB headlining artists Sweetz, Santos, Rawlo, Erigeso will all be there, and have promised outstanding performances.

“We want to showcase to the public that Liberia has some talents that need to be watched,” says Walter Jacobs, who is the group’s head.
He added that the dance show is geared towards changing the perspective of fans in Liberia.   

 He disclosed that they have just developed a new kind of dance, which they call the “LIB Swagg”.  The style is still more or less a secret, as no one outside of the group will see it before the show.  
“We are assuring our fans that they are going to receive the best performance ever, from All Stars Entertainment Group,” he said.
The All Stars Entertainment Group was founded in 2009 as a self-sponsored group with 12 members expressing their talents through entertainment.

Each member of this group brings on board a unique talent, including dancing, rapping, singing, and many more.
Sweetz, who is the Executive Director of the show, will also do a guest performance.  “I just want to echo this to all my loyal fans that you should be expecting nothing less than the best performance from me,” she said.
She added that the event would showcase diverse styles and performances from different artists will be strictly in line with international standards.

“This show is definitely going to be great,” she said. “I’m asking all fans of music to come out so we can storm Sport Commission together.”  
She also said entry fees for the show include L$200, plus good behavior.
“The aim of this show is to take this group to another level and prepare them for more future endeavors,” says Sweetz.

She said the show is the beginning of many more to come from All Stars Entertainment Group.
 “We just want to appreciate the Almighty God, our fans    and the guest artists for making themselves available for such a great endeavor,” Sweetz added.


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