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There have been a lot of up-to-date songs in the Liberian music industry, and many artists are currently garnering huge attention, even if they are receiving very little from their work. To give an example of just a few songs that have been making headways in the music industry, LIB Life is presenting a list of five most popular songs that have been storming the airwaves.

Top five songs for the week ending August 16, 2015.
1. Grace by Soul Fresh Ft Quincy B
2. More Fire by Mr. Smith
3. Kemah by DenG
4. Bartenders By F.A
5. Crazy by Quincy B

Let’s start with fifth place Quincy B’s newest single “Crazy”. It is a mixture of Afro pop and catchy colloquial. Produced by Quincy B himself, the 21 year-old artist’s vocal ability is prolific.

In an interview a few months back and before the release of the song Quincy B said, “This is the first time I’m in love and don’t know how to express it. So I think expressing it through music will let my fans know that Quincy has fallen in love; and

I’m just trying to appreciate my fiancée for the love she is giving me.”

The Fourth place song for this weekend is “Bartender” by F.A. This song has accelerated to more than 5,000 thousand views on YouTube alone.

DenG is well known for making hit songs and since debuting in the industry on a song by Queen V, “Jue You Bad,” he has managed to maintain his place at the top. Holding the third-place slot is his song, “Kemah”, a smash hit among the ladies.

Since its release over five months ago it has remained unbeatable. But there are two things you may not know about DenG: he won four major awards in a single year for the song “They Vex”. Yet there are no official video of all these hits song he has made.

Grabbing second place is Mr. Smith with “More fire.” This song has been garnering international recognition, and during its first month of release it debuted on Sound City in Nigeria and went West Africa chart 10 places respectively.

Mr. Smith is currently in Nigeria, trying to break into the industry, and is working hard on a new album called “The Street Music”.

Soul Fresh,the hottest musical group in the nation is holding first place with “Grace” featuring Quincy B. The song reflects the mercy of God on the artists in spite of their celebrity lifestyle.


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