LIB Life Top Five songs For the Week


Following a joyous 168th Flag Day celebration that rocked the nation, we have decided to list the top five songs. Although a number of good songs have been released just recently and to critical acclaim, they are yet to arrive on the chart.

For this weekend in the chart there is very little change, but showing who leads whom would be a nice start.

Top five songs for the week ending August 23, 2015:
1. Grace by Soul Fresh Ft Quincy B
2. More Fire by Mr. Smith
3. Bartenders by F.A
4. Crazy by Quincy
5. Kemah by DenG

From third place last week on the chart, in the fifth place slot DenG dropped two places with the hit song Kemah. This song has been unbeatable for the past five months, regardless of its positions on the chart. It has become familiar with fans basically because of its catchy colloquia lyric.

Crazy in fourth place by Quincy B is become gradually a contender to “Kemah”. When a song moves from five places in a week to quickly climb to its current position, it needs a few weeks to go spot number one. This single has been out just one month and a few weeks, debuting on the chart last weekend.

At spot three “Bartender” by F.A. quickly tripped to move one step forward. Recently the Blue Link record guy did a splendid performance at the Soul Fresh Flag Day celebration Show, leaving fans fascinated.

However the Nigerian based- Liberian rapper Mr. Smith remains at a little distance on the grand lever, with More Fire trapped at the same place since last week.

The hottest rap duo in the country, Soul Fresh, still holds first place with “Grace”, featuring Quincy B. In a recent interview the group expressed appreciation for fans for continue support, after signing a good endorsement deal with XL energy drink.

LIB Life top five songs chart will be back next week, and hope we might get new entries.


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