Queen V Returns, But Will She Take Back Her Title?

een V, Liberia's female rap goddess .

Queen V, Liberia’s female rap goddess who has been less than active on the musical front for years now, has just dropped two new singles in a bid to restate her relevance to the music industry.

The two singles, ‘Sidiki’ and ‘I Na Gbelleh,’ since their release a week ago have received 7OO plus downloads on Liberia’s biggest music portal, Tunes Liberia, and are gradually becoming DJ and fan favorites.

The Queen, from back in 2006 when Hipco started to gain momentum, blazed the trail for other female rap artists with her hit single ‘Far Way to Go.’

That single broke the glass ceiling by making her the first female rap artist to release a single when opportunities for women in the genre were very scarce.

Since then she has released 11 singles and done several collabos, some of which have rocked the industry. She was once a relevant force in the industry due to her unique lyrical flow and unique style of expression that helped to redefine the genre.

But that’s not the case at present.

Since the single, ‘Jue You Bad,’ which became an instant hit, the rapper has not been able to maintain such a feat. ‘Jue You Bad,’ was so catchy that even underage youth couldn’t help but sing along. Unfortunately, after that unforgettable track, she has dropped a few singles, but none of them made any impact, not quite as ‘Jue You Bad.’

The song’s popularity transcended racial, gender, class, and generational divides. And with such fame and power at the time as the biggest female rap artist, it seemed nearly impossible for her to fail to make a hit with subsequent singles.

But as things stand, the Queen is battling to make a comeback – not only a comeback, but to regain her lost status or title.

The song, ‘Sidiki’ talks about a broke guy who wants her for free; and ‘I Na Gbelleh’ is her comeback attempt to reclaim her place as the most successful female hit-maker.

Meanwhile, the song is a banger that is good for parties, clubs, even for relaxation. Interestingly, ‘Hold Ground’ comes with an up-tempo Afrobeat-dancehall feel, good enough for heavy rotation on any playlist. The response has so far been good, which matches how good this jam is.

Definitely, ‘Sidiki’ and ‘I Na Gbelleh’ are songs for all. As you all know, Queen V’s songs are also well-cooked to satisfy your dance and listening desires. So rush now and grab them!


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