LIB Life: New Movie Spotlights the Rise of Creative Thinking


Dorlas Dorley is the real deal when it comes to creative thinking and blending it with the art of timing, what’s trendy and cinema. Talented, young, imaginative and muti-functional in the industry of moving making, this young lad is making watching movies a lot more interesting. Early this year, he released a movie that has been on stands selling at a promising, but dawdling rate. Surprisingly it has become one of the most watched movies in local theaters right now. Viewers say the ‘show’ reminds them of what is at hand presently with the upcoming elections. “It’s election time and selecting the right president is lethal in making sure Liberia stays peaceful and violence-free, and our vote is like ‘The Device.’”

‘The Device,’ directed by Dorlas Dorley, is about a covert operation led by ex Army General Ben Howard (Best Dressed) to create a device of mass destruction to be kept as military backup. Upon the invention of the device, it got stolen by the notorious Zuku (Dorlas Dorley) who already had a buyer for the device. The device is detrimental and can have a catastrophic effect in the hands of the wrong people. A thin hope is seen through Sgt. Eliz (Korto Davis) who must risk her unborn child and her relationship to save her country. Upon the retrieval of the device, Sgt. Eliz is betrayed thereby putting the country at a higher risk. The device most not be sold.

Did Dorley have politics in mind when writing this screenplay or is it coincidental that the storyline is dwelling on what could happen if the wrong candidate is elected president this 2017 electoral period? Whatever the case, it’s a good movie and knowing Dorlas, he put a lot of energy in making sure it’s what the people want to see, just like his 2016 produced movie ‘Psychopath.” The horror/suspense shows a portrait of a woman in seclusion with a man who wants to kill her. There is no one around to help her get away from whatever has made him go ‘crazy’ and in the entire movie, they are the only two characters. The amount of blood in the movie and the psychotic role played by Varmah Kanneh is enough to tell you that Dorlas has a very large imagination.

Q: Who is Dorlas Dorley?

A: Dorlas Dorley is a multi-talented and multi-skilled youth who is down to earth and always willing to take corrections. He is an actor, rapper, and dancer and has skills such as professional graphic designing and editing with emphasis in motion graphics and visual effects, a web designer, director, sound engineer and journalist.
Q: When did you start acting or joined the movie industry?

A: I started acting from my kindergarten days. I was part of the drama clubs or press clubs for all the schools I attended. I was even the drama director of my school J. J. Ross during my 11th grade year. For the movie industry, I joined in 2008 and my first movie I acted in was ‘New Day Has Come’ in 2009 directed by Pastor Solo of Pillar of Fire Movie Production. My first movie I directed was ‘Boys Game,’ a movie about a boy’s upbringing in 2010.

Q: What are some of the challenges you have seen in the Liberian Film industry?

A: To be honest with you, our major challenge is technical know-how. Since DSLR cameras are cheap, anyone can just purchase one and automatically become a director. Movie directing is far more than just shouting at the top of your head, ‘Action! Cut!’ One out of 100 Liberian movie directors will tell you what a storyboard is. It’s a challenge. Another challenge is lack of support. Our movies are being pirated by so-called marketers. The government is trying but needs to do better. Corruption is also a challenge for the industry. The government is already paying less attention to the movie industry and the small money allocated to the union is being squandered by the leadership of the union.

Q: Where do you see the movie industry in the next five years?

A: With this typical Liberian mentality, even in the next 100 years, the industry will be as it is. In Liberia, everyone wants to be the boss, even if not qualified. At this level, we need to collaborate and produce quality films that can stand on any market. If we change our mentality and unite for the interest of the industry, in the next five years we will be no equals to Ghana and Nigeria.

Q: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

A: As an individual, I see myself being counted among the film gurus in Africa. I say this not as mere words of mouth but a goal I’m trying to achieve. If you watch some of my movies, you will see the level of creativity and professionalism, like ‘Psychopath,’ a film with just two characters. This is the first time in the history of Liberia for someone to produce a film with just two persons. I don’t follow the trend, I create my own trend. I produced the first Liberian horror film ‘Last Vacation’ in 2011, and others started following.


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