Which Political Candidates Local Artists Are Supporting and Why

Frank Artus endorsed Sen. George Weah's presidential bid and marched with the CDC standard bearer during their campaign launch

For more than three decades, entertainers have continued to play a vital role in Liberia’s politics.

And as the clock ticks for the 2017 elections, they have now started to play a key role in influencing the decisions of their fans in favor of the candidates they are supporting or are aligned with. Not only that, they are also preaching violence-free elections before, during and after the polls.

Whether they are supporting these presidential candidates for personal interest or not, the role of these artists in this year’s elections is more than just supporting a candidate. They are in the forefront when it comes to mobilization for their respective candidates and are also trying to move beyond the big screen to elected posts. And some of these celebrities include recording artists Takun J and Kanvee Adams, as well as comedian Tamba The Mayonnaise Man.

With only five days to elections and campaign activities about to peak, artists are taking the spotlight to let their fans know whose tune they are singing to. Yet, some prominent entertainment figures have decided to remain neutral and not take any sides in the elections drama.

But the big questions many would like to ask on those who are politically aligned are: Are they being paid? How much? Are they doing this based on promises or good faith? What have they been promised? Are they doing it truly for a better Liberia?

Celebrities supporting the CDC

Daniel George, (a.k.a DenG)

The main opposition party, Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), whose presidential candidate is soccer legend George Weah, enjoys a tremendous amount of goodwill and attention from entertainers at the moment. Their lineup of supporters includes immensely popular and influential celebrities like DenG, Frank Artus, Van Vicker, Black Diamond and Luckay Buckay.

Others are Real Nigga, Jon Bricks, Bookie, Dr. C, DJ Wadach, Harrison Toe, and Chill Out.

According to these superstars, their support for CDC stems from the fact that they are in dire need for change. And that change can only happen when George Weah wins this election.

They believe that the UP led government under President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has failed in its mandate to the people of Liberia. The high rate of unemployment and insecurity in the country is reason enough for the country to demand a change.

Celebrities supporting the All Liberian Party

One of the nation’s top rated rappers, Christoph, is supporting ALP.

The ALP, another political party trying to dethrone the ruling party, led by businessman   Benoni W. Urey, currently has the biggest endorsement from the artistic community. Chiller Coolnanee, Shining Man, JB, Christoph the Change, Lil Bishop, Teddy Ride, Margas, and DJ Don have grouped themselves under the banner “ALP Front liners.” Others include soccer stars Sekou Jabateh Oliseh, Theo Weeks, Zola Pupo, Kpah Sherman and Deeyou.

The ALP stars give their support based on what they described as the “party’s concern” for them. And since the UP-led government has failed, the only politician capable of bringing change is Urey. Moreover, the ruling party cannot take this country anywhere positive, so it is time for another party that can deliver on its promises and truly put the people first to rule. That party is ALP, they said.

Celebrities supporting the Alternative National Congress

Top-rated Hip-Co duo, PCK and L’Frankie, are supporters of ANC.

Alexander Cummings might be the new guy on the block, but his popularity continues to grow on a daily basis. And among his supporters include Kanvee Adam, Takun J, Eric Geso, Mr. Smith, and PCK and Frankie. Nasse man, Co. Z and E. Owusu Dahnsaw have all grouped under the banner “Liberian Musicians for Cummings.”

According to the superstars, their support is based on the fact that Cummings is an outsider who is not part of the corrupt political system, and that he is free of corruption; and that among the other presidential candidates, Cummings is the only one that has a clear vision for Liberia’s transformation as well as eliminating waste and corruption. He also has the best vision to create jobs and revitalize the economy, development, and modernization of the agriculture sector, expanding education, modernizing health care and building a 21st century Liberia. Cummings is also one of the first candidates to embrace the creative sector, especially young Liberian artists and innovators.

Celebrities supporting Unity Party

Unlike the 2011 elections when the ruling Unity Party had enough artist support, they are not getting that much this time around. They still receive the support of their longtime supporter Sundaygar Dearboy, Anthony Kpadeh and child rapper Ziggy Ray though. These artists’ support for the presidential bid of Vice President Joseph N. Boakai is based on his experience in government to lead Liberia out of poverty.

Celebrities supporting Liberty Party

Veteran politician Charles Walker Brumskine of Liberty Party has also received support from Bilikon Entertainment Family won by his campaign manager Musa Bility’s son, Lyee Bility. These artists include Young Zee, Big Max and Killer Beatz and comedian John Flomo.

For the LP artists, they explained that the change Liberia wants can only come when Brumskine becomes president; and for this reason, he deserves their vote.


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