Shout-out from Kobazzie: ‘No Beef with Bilikon’


Kobazzie is not just an ordinary artist. He is a hit maker who, since entering the music scene about two years ago, has been blasting the city with banger after banger, which fans love. His music fuses Afrobeat and dancehall to give people that unique sound that makes them feel happy and dance to take their stress away.

Yes, indeed, Kobazzie is a talented artist who has mastered his craft very well since he became obsessed with music at a tender age. From “Sleep for what” to “Drink on Me,” his songs continue to rock nightclubs and entertainment spots in every neighborhood.

The artist, who just returned from a business trip to Sweden, talks about his personal growth, his perspective on the industry and more, in the following LIB Life interview…

LIB Life: Welcome back to Liberia. It is a pleasure to have you here. Can you tell us little about you trip in Sweden?

KO: The trip was good. I went there to build relationships with international and credible music producers and marketers in order to help my music cross borders. So in a nutshell, the trip was amazing.

LIB Life: Are you working on anything currently?

KO: Yeah, I’m cooking something new right now which will be added to my debut album titled, ‘Drink on Me.’ The album will be drop either next month or the following month.

Oh snap, I just leaked the album title! No problem. But all I can promise you is that the fans’ favorite songs will be on the album.

LIB Life: Wow, we cannot wait for it! How is your relationship with your former record label Bilikon Entertainment?

KO: Man, I still have a good relationship with the team. We talk often and we still remain family. I don’t hold any grudge any against any member of the team. Trust me, we are cool.

LIB Life: After you were let go by Bilikon, in about a week’s time you dropped the song “Shout Out,” which people consider a beef track aimed at the your former label. Is this true?

KO: No, this not true. The song was cooked up a long time before the breakup. I’m not a beef artist and under no condition will I do that. I respect Bilikon Entertainment and we are blood. The song was meant for people who don’t know anything about me and they just talk.

LIB Life: What your regret since the breakup with Bilikon?

KO:  Yo man, I have lots of regrets. First of all, I actually wanted to stay with the record label but things just turned bad. I still feel hurt to be disassociated with some of my besties who are still part of the record label. We talk, but not like before.

Secondly, I’m still hurt by the words that were used when the breakup was announced. It really hurt me; and I find it difficult to get over it. Matter of fact, the breakup news came to me by surprise.

Although I don’t hate anyone at the record label, I’m hurt by the way the breakup was announced. I was never consulted.

Lastly, I now regret the time spent with the label, which was not really profitable for me because I was not getting more benefits from my work. I regret working without any legal contract with the label, but that’s life, you learn, you grow!

LIB Life: Thanks for the last interview. Any last words?

KO: Just to tell my fans thanks for the support.


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