Jada Mayson-Osabu: A Rising Liberian Gospel Singer

Jada Mayson Osabu

Jada Mayson-Osabu, an international research lawyer on reproductive rights, is an artist  to watch out for. As one of the fastest-rising gospel artists, Jada Osabu is slowly climbing the ladder in the gospel music arena.

However, this doesn’t come as a surprise as Jada Osabu has had an obsession for gospel music at a tender age, which is manifested in her recent album “Jesus Did It All.” The album, which reflects on the impact God has had in her life, is an infusion of Reggae, soul and R&B. According to her, she chooses to do gospel music because she wants to spread the message about God so that many people can be saved.

With a soul-striking voice and being a lyrical powerhouse, the singer and songwriter has been able to build a large fan base that cuts across age and race in her home state of New Jersey, USA.

“I’m grateful to God for all His blessing and the best way to appreciate Him is to sing for Him. I’m capable of doing R&B or pop songs, but I cannot because that’s not where my interest lies.

“Everybody has a priority and my priority is to spread the message of Christianity through songs. Gospel music is the way for me, and I’m not in the industry for fame or money but just to spread His massage.”

The album,“Jesus Did It All,” since its release in October last year has generated an income of nearly US$14K and counting, making Jada Osabu  one of the bestselling Diaspora Liberian artists.

“I named the album that way because I appreciate the blessing of God and encourage other people to do the same. The Lord never turns His back on His servant. Once we keep our own bargain of the agreement by following Him and doing what is right, He fulfills His promise by blessing us.

Jada’s regular job as a defense attorney has seen her involved in researching International law jurisprudence on reproductive rights and their applicability to the right to meaningful access to reproductive rights in the United States. She also helped to write a section for an amicus brief, which was submitted to the Supreme Court of the United States.

She has also contributed to researches on Human Rights law in the Inter-American Court and various UN treaty bodies related to the issue of human trafficking for purposes of migration.

Jada has performed in churches all over the US and Africa as well.  She is a member, co-choir director and worship leader at Christ Divine Healing and Deliverance Ministry in Union, New Jersy.


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