Flavour On Why He Adopted Semeh G. Weifur

(L-r) Semeh G. Weifur and Flavour together in Nigeria practicing

Nigeria superstar Flavour has said he adopted Semah G. Weifur, a visually-impaired young Liberian to prove to the world that condition doesn’t prove someone’s limitations.

Flavour, who brought Semah to the spotlight with the single “Most High” in a chat with Saturday Beats in Nigeria said that the boy is talented, deserves support and that when it comes to music, there are no limitations.

“When it comes to music, impairments do not exist; as for me, music is spiritual. Therefore, there are no limitations as to whom I choose to work with,” Flavour said. “Cobhams Asuquo is another extraordinarily talented producer and composer that I worked with on “Virtuous Woman” as part of my fifth studio album ‘Ijele – The Traveller.’ There are no bounds to creativity.”

Semah and Flavour met sometime in March last year, and the boy wooed the Nigerian megastar by singing nearly all of his songs, which motivated Flavour to think about doing a collabo with him.

The visually-impaired lad’s powerful voice has given him the nickname ‘Liberian Stevie Wonder,’ and some believe he can rock any genre.

The singer added the first day he saw Semah performed at a peace concert organized by Juli Endee, Liberia’s cultural ambassador, his mind was blown away by the young musician’s vocals, intonation, and confidence.

“Working with Semah has been incredibly humbling. He is a vibrant young boy, who at a young age is very sure about himself and confident. I admire these qualities, which have made it a pleasure to work with him. I haven’t really experienced any challenges working with Semah. He doesn’t allow his visual impairment to hinder him in any way,” Flavour said.

Although Semah is now in Nigeria, he and other physically-challenged folks in Liberia represent 16% of the country’s population, according to a 2008 census report by the Liberia Institute of Statistics and Geo-Information Services (LISGIS).



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