Emma Smith Back with DenG to ‘Hold Ground’

DenG and Emma

What a great surprise it is for Emma Smith, who has been missing in action since 2014, to now return with a new single, ‘Hold Ground.’

The song features DenG, the artist she helped to bring to the spotlight years ago, and comes as a surprise to many of her fans, since it was released unexpectedly.

Sure, her fans and people in the industry were not expecting this. Yeah, we too at LIB Life definitely didn’t see this coming!

According to the Emma, the single comes as a preparation for her upcoming EP, which she expects to drop any time before the end of the year.

Pressed on to give the specific date when the EP should be expected, she declined, saying: “I’m back for good and will get up to my promise.

“Don’t worry; you will soon get the EP. This ‘Hold Ground’ is just a teaser for the many goods songs that will be coming out on that EP.

“You know my true identity is music, and I can’t denounce it. I took a break from music to focus on my charity organization but I still used to write songs during my spare time. I just want to apologize to fans for the long wait. I promise this will not happen again. Your girl Emma is here to stay,” she said.

However, the song is a banger that is good for parties, clubs, even for relaxation. Interestingly, ‘Hold Ground’ comes with an up-tempo Afrobeat-dancehall feel, good enough for heavy rotation on any playlist.

Moreover, since the song dropped the response coming from Emma’s fans so far has been great, without any criticism.

The response has so far been so good, it only matches how good this jam is. Definitely, ‘Hold Ground’ is a song for the ladies, and gentlemen.

So what are you waiting for? Get the song now on YouTube and enjoy it. No fun — this one from Emma is well-cooked to satisfy your dance and listening desires. So rush now and grab it!


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