The Harris Sisters are set to launch their 2nd album, Have Your Way

There will be a great many who will want to extend the Independence Day holiday as far as they can, well into the weekend and possibly beyond.  If you have ever helplessly contemplated such an extension, know that you are not alone, for we know of a great way to wrap up the ’26’ Day festivities.

On Sunday, July 30, the Harris Sisters will launch their second album, a contemporary gospel package of upbeat praise and worship songs will be characterized by a live performance from the sisters that’s worth your money and time.

This is not like some other artists that say they have concert and go do lip-synching oh!  These young ladies are performing live and have the anointed voices to jumpstart your up-coming week with their new CD in your car!

The album, titled ‘Have your way’, which is the sister’s second, has been a long time coming since their first, but anyone who has heard them sing lately will know that the new album is no doubt something to anticipate.

Gospel music is not just about songs with themes of Christian faith and the mention of God in the lyrics, or else it would be no different from rhythm and blues (R&B). What sets gospel apart from R&B is the ‘A’ Factor: the anointing, the element in the music that is embedded in the lyrics, instrumentals and vocals — the entire production that takes it to another level for the listener, spiritually. If you need to know more, start listening and start with the Harris Sisters.

The album is set for release on Sunday, July 30, 2017 at 2:30 pm at the Philadelphia Central Church in Congo town near the Total gas station and WAEC office. Entrance for adults will be US$5, for which you will be granted admission and a copy of the CD. For children (12 years and under), they get to witness this night to remember for L$75. Also, video CDs and album T-shirts will be available for sale.

“Come one, come all, and let us celebrate Jesus together as we support Kingdom music! There will also be some national features added in celebration of our Independence as a nation. We love you and God bless you,” said the Harris Sisters.

The Harris Sisters is the singing ministry which comprises the four biological daughters of Bishop George D. Harris and Rev. Musu M. Harris that was established with the purpose of ministering the gospel of the Lord Jesus through music.


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