Another Baby by Quincy B!

Quincy B and Samara before his death. Samara said she was not pregnant at the time.

Samara Angel Hines, one of the several girlfriends of Quincy B, has given birth to a bouncing baby boy.

Samara, who is expected to turn 19 next month, said before the artist’s death, they were in a relationship for over a year that his close friends, including Young Classic, Jethro and Feouls, and his manager Lewis McCarthy, were aware of.

The baby, she noted, was named Quincy L. Borrowes, Jr. By tomorrow, Friday, young Quincy will turn two weeks old.

“Before QB’s death, I was four months pregnant. His friends and everyone that were closer to the record label he was signed to knew about the pregnancy, expect his parents. He refused to show me to his parents for some reasons best known to him.

Samara Angel Harries, one of the several girlfriends of fallen music legend Quincy B, has given birth to a bouncing baby boy five months after his death.

“On serious occasions, I asked him to take me to his parents, but he would always say, ‘I have not reached the age yet to take a girlfriend to my parents,’ when he was over 20 years old. I felt sad as a result because I was already pregnant.

“Nothing I could do. I love QB and still do up to today,” Samara narrated briefly about the relationship.

Although Samara still loves QB, she disclosed that the artist hurt her feelings by cheating on her several times, “which came to light when one of them fell pregnant.”

“I can’t still believe that he was cheating on me. When I found out that another one of his girlfriends, who I knew, was pregnant, I lost confidence right away. But I later, I forgave him because I truly love and cherish him,” she said.

“Bringing the late music icon’s baby back make me feel happier than before. A least, my relationship with him bore fruits. I wish he was here to hold and touch his baby.

“I still can’t believe that he is no more. But thank God for this handsome gift. The support and love coming from his family, most especially his mother and manager, are awesome,” Samara said.

Meanwhile, before Samara’s baby boy, the late Quincy B already had a baby girl by Agnes Kollie, born a month and a half after his death.

Moreover, both ladies shared a similar story alleging that the artist never introduced them to his parents, but only friends and managers.

“We were cool and everything was going fine. I never went to see his family as a girlfriend, but I met them once; and they asked me, but I told them that we were friends. At that time I was not pregnant,” said Agnes.

Congratulations, Samara!

Editor’s note: LIB Life was able to see the baby, but couldn’t use his photo since his mother didn’t approve.


  1. That new born baby is the reincarnation of Quincy B!! This is the second coming of Quincy B! Welcome back Quincy B!!! Congratulations!!! Samaria!!!

  2. I appreciate you so much for being a kind of girl who had love for the late QB.
    I respect your dignity bab, you surely loved him with all of your might.
    And I must declare to say that God has a future husband for you who will in return exhibit for you the same love ❤️ you had for QLB.
    I pray that God will keep you and that child for a fruitful purpose.
    Congratulations bab and let me say welcome back QB.
    Magical P you already know.


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