LIB Colloquial ‘Takes over’ Internet


As Liberians enjoy the Independence Day celebrations, its distinctive parlance, or colloquial, has become a dominant trend in Facebook interactions, with the hash tag #LibTakeover. But so far the colloquial is being used to share old fun and jokes.

More and more Liberians are joining the campaign. But exactly how this hash tag, #LibTakeover, will be used to transcend ordinary jokes and probably even become a hallmark of the economy, remains a conjecture.

No one has claimed this new discovery. However it’s hoped that #LibTakeover can spike a revolution of entrepreneurship and patriotism among Liberians. But the biggest question that comes to mind is whether this new style will also be used in communication. But then, as an afterthought, one may ask: What does this #Libtakeover mean to you?

Obviously this is a new way of Face Booking. Already big names in the Liberian entertainment industry have started paying keen attention. Not long ago Master Queen posted: “Whoever brought about this#‎LibTakeover# brought a good fun game n also help a lot of people who couldn’t face whoever they have issue with. So with this new talk U can say whatever u wanna say to whomever u have issue with n hash tag #Libtakeover. Kekekekeke #‎LibAllDay#

Well I’m one of those who just reading n laughing out loud hahahahaha. MasQue#”
Leroy Cholopray LR a Liberian artist in the U.S. also said: “Well this new way of writing as a Liberian on Face Book is more like remembering Liberia and acknowledging its culture. Last but not the least, all this is going on because the Independence Day is almost here. #LIBTAKEOVER”

It is important that this new idea reflects on our failed past, because the real meaning of #LibTakeover can be realized in all sectors.


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