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The most important thing in life that everyone seeks is happiness and it comes in a variety of ways. For some people it’s the kind of entertainment they experience, while for others it’s what they eat, even where they sleep has a bearing on their happiness.

So, what would one say about a place where all the aforementioned “happiness” are found? It would sound something like heaven. This is the case with Executive Inn, the all-Liberian owned Hotel located in Thinkers Village on the Robertsfield highway.

Updated with all the modern trimmings of art decor, including state of the art designs of their rooms and lobby areas, the hotel stands to serve people of all classes and nationalities.

The hotel offers among other services, car rental, bar and restaurant, mini boutique, beauty salon, transport services for clients coming to and from the airport to Monrovia and out, catering as well as limousine rentals for special occasions.

The manager for Executive Inn, Mrs. Prescilla A. Cooper, told Daily Observer on Tuesday that the hotel is gearing up to compete for the premier spot in the hotel market industry in the country.

‘’We are here to compete for international standards,’’ Mrs. Cooper said.

‘’Although we are new among great hotels like Royal Grand Hotel, Mamba Point Hotel, Cape Hotel, Palm Spring, Golden Key and Corina Hotel, we are prepared to prove our true worth through the provision of quality services,’’ she continued.

Interesting to the operations of Executive Inn is that all of its employees are Liberians who were trained by a local Liberian hotel management specialist company called Halenbay’s Group of Companies.

The hotel has over 200 rooms ranging from class one or executive rooms, which costs US$200 per night; class two or double bed room, priced at US$250; and class three or standard room, at US$150.

Every room has 24 hour wireless internet service, telephone facilities, free morning breakfast in several categories, and are fully air-conditioned.

Entrance into the rooms is facilitated through an electronic card/key; this coupled with well positioned surveillance cameras at strategic places and the physical manpower security personnel account for not only your safety but a clarion call to healthy relaxation.

Mrs. Cooper said in 45 days, as of Tuesday August 3, an elevator will be installed at the hotel to further add to the ambiance and sophistication of what is gearing up to be Liberia’s number one place for R&R, rest and relaxation.

The Executive Inn is owned by the Kailondo Group of Companies and was opened on July 25, 2016.


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