LAW Celebrates Anniversary, Launches Anthology Collection


The Liberian Association of Writers (LAW) has launched an anthology collection during its 33rd anniversary celebration under the theme “Ebola Experience sharing,” at the historical Providence Island.

Llord Aidoo president of LAW said: ”The purpose of this anthology is to enable students write their own worst Ebola experience to eventually publish around the end of this year.”

He added that given the level of frustration that this virus caused, the society would continue to remember Ebola for a long time. For this reason it is necessary that the writer’s fraternity spare no effort in capturing the period of the epidemic for posterity.

“Liberia can’t afford to leave gaps in the narration of the recent history by forgetting to present the Ebola story to every Liberian, no matter his/her status or location, to read,” he said during the anniversary celebration over the weekend.

“If any gaps are left in the narration process of this anthology people with little or no knowledge in the society would proceed to fail these gaps with reckless speculations,” Mr. Aidoo warn, adding “We should not allow such reckless commentators to hijack the rightful telling of the
Ebola experience in any way.”

According to him, it is important to involve students’ perspective on the sad event because they were affected and 10 or 50 years from now they would all be proud to see how the recording of history continues to influence the society in positive ways.

More than 40 students attended the program from LAW Students Writers’ Club, which operates in 10 high schools in Monrovia and the public including member of the creativity society. Members of the audience were given five minute to narrate their worst experience and later participate in the writing exercise.

Speaking to some students at the program, Teresa Livingstone of St. Teresa Covenant Catholic school said: “This anthology is going to rewrite our history, modernity and it will be so complete making it impossible to ignore.”

“I’m happy to be part of this history making that would encourage reluctant students that are good in writing develop their potential, reinforce self-confidence and encourage the spirit of literature,” she added.
Hookies Badio President of the St. Teresa Convent student writers’ club also said, “this anthology will help improve student’s writing skill and dedicate them to the field of writing.

“We young writers need the support from experience mentors to develop our talent to the fullest,” Hookie stressed.

“We are prepared to take on this initiate that will shift our country’s history for centuries,” Michael Weah former president of Law and Executive Director of We- Care said.

He noted for years people outside this country has been writing our story leaving major gaps and today the launch will bring that to an end.

“These prolific writers do the work most of the time on their feeling, forgetting to capture the real event that will benefit history. I much appreciate them for taking up their time writing our country’s history but we are now prepared to take over,” he added.


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