Latest Track on Ebola: STATE OF EMERGENCY


“Got my gloves on my hands but tonight is for a different reason / I know the storm’s pouring down outside but it’s a different season / How many lives must we lose before we realize, start believing… / I might be calm outside but down inside I’m weeping / Ebola is real…”

It is one of the most played Ebola songs on the airwaves, written and performed by Tan Tan B and Quincy B. Titled, ‘State of Emergency’, the chorus is pouring on every child’s lip around Monrovia today.

Music like State of Emergency can be a very powerful tool in delivering a health message because it is catchy, emotional and entertaining.

The song, with its slow beats and soulful lyrics, has a direct and authentic message warning people of the reality of Ebola and how many lives it has taken away. What catches many people’s attention for the first time when listening to the song is the manner in which Quincy B sings his heart out beautifully in the chorus, pouring out every emotion about how he truly feels about the virus that has taken the lives of so many people while Tan Tan B raps highlighting the deaths the disease is causing especially it starting from his very own home county, Lofa, where the virus first entered Liberia.

 Speaking to LIB Life, Tan Tan B says, “I feel so sad seeing a country that was once full of life, is now so lifeless with so many deaths all because of this deadly virus.  All we can do is educate our people about the reality about the virus through our music cuz after all this is a state of emergency and only God can save us”.

All over Liberia, Ebola is now the hottest topic all over the airwaves. It’s not the just news about the disease but also awareness songs as well. The virus is taking away so many lives, causing many to wonder if God is angry with Liberia.

This Ebola Virus has been the worst ever outbreak of the hemorrhagic fever, for which there is no known cure, and has killed more than 3,000 people, most of them in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, since the start of the year.

State of Emergency


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