Kobazzie Dropped From Bilikon


– Former Manager Lyee Bility Confirms

Lyee Bility, the owner of Bilikon Entertainment, has dropped catchy ‘colloquia’ singer Kobazzie from the record label.

News of him getting the chop came a day after Bilikon Entertainment hosted a Unification Day concert, where the artist performed.

In a Facebook post, Lyee noted that his record label has terminated the official contract of Kobazzie, who came to prominence through the banger ‘Sleep for What.’

“I saw pure talent when I first saw you sometime in 2015. You were challenging from the beginning with your appearance, but now I’m proud to call you one of the best dressed artists in Liberia.

“I’m sincerely proud of the artist you have become and don’t regret a single moment we spent together.

“I could go on with lots of good things to say about you, but you know how the saying goes (that) ‘every good thing or time must come to an end,’” Lyee Posted on Facebook.

Lyee added: “You have grown in the market so fast and there’s no way I can keep up with you.

“Unfortunately, I don’t have the finance to move you to the next level, but I believe you are up to something great ahead. It’s time to spread your wings now and make me more proud.

“I love you kid, but from this day forward, I can no longer serve as your manager. Wish you well kid. I’m still your big brother.”

The Bilikon boss said he is a different kinda guy, especially when it comes to dealing with pressure or competition.

“I see entertainers as a team working with one goal and that’s to uplift Liberian entertainment and arts, and not competitors,” he said.

Although official reasons behind the breakup has not been revealed, sources close to the label informed LIB Life that Kobazzie’s recent attitude towards his record label since he came back from Nigeria could be the reason behind his sacking.

Another source said that while Kobazzie has for the last three months been complaining of not benefitting from the label, Lyee’s decision came as a surprise.

“Kobazzie was totally broken when he heard about this through a friend of his. He never expected this, but he has no option but to accept,” the source added.

This is a developing story, and will surely continue. Keep an eye on this space…


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