Kilvin Jones Loses Battle with Kidney Infection, Mysterious Poisoning


The group Extraordinary (XO) and their fans are grieving whole-heartedly as they mourn the death of 30 year-old music artist, Even XO.

Also known as Kilven Jones, Even passed away on July 29, 2014 at 3 a.m. Laid back but cool and friendly with everyone, the he and his twin brother Milven Jones made up the two-man group, XO.

The group is popular for hit tracks like the post-war anthem "It's over now" and "Crazy", a nice dance track that was produced in Ghana years ago.

The late Even XO is survived by his parents, twin brother, wife, host of relatives and two-week-old daughter Lucy Even Jones.

According to the late singer’s cousin, Ranale Zleh, Jr., Even XO died after a period of painful illness and swelling.

"He was sick off and on, but not too bad. This time around it was serious; he was swollen from head to waist before he died. We knew he wouldn't make it, I knew from the swelling in his stomach,” narrated Ranale.

It is also said that during the late singers agonizing medical experience, he was taken to a Chinese clinic in town and diagnosed.

"They did his blood test and said he had a kidney infection and urine infection. The doctor also said the swelling looked strange. We later took him to a native doctor who said that Even was poisoned. The native doctor also said that it had spread all over his body and that we were late." Ranale further added.

"Even fought death and right now his twin brother is bad off. We sent him away before Evens' death, we didn't want him on scene because we didn't know what he would have done."

According to Ranale, the twin brothers were inseparable and both recently had babies before the singer’s death.

"Melvin can't believe that his brother is gone, they went everywhere together, they haven't missed each other for a day in their lives. We pray Milven comes out fine after this."


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