Kanvee Adams to Lead Liberian Delegation to KORA Awards


The All African Music Award (KORA) has selected Liberia’s award-winning Gospel musician, Amb. Kanvee Gaines Adams to lead her fellow Liberian artists to participate at this year’s ceremony.

According to Nat Bayjay, Amb. Adams will lead her compatriots to this year’s KORA Awards, the first ever in the continental awards’ 21-year history. Liberia’s inclusion in the KORA Awards 2015 would be the first time
Liberian artists would be recognized together with some of the highest musical talents across the continent.

“Back in June 11, 2015, KORA asked Amb. Adams to lead the initiative for the opening entry submissions for KORA Awards 2015 in Liberia,” he said.

“For me, this is a dream come-true. Over the years, it’s been my wish that my fellow Liberian artists get the opportunity to showcase their talents, those God-given talents of my compatriots in the musical industry, to the outside world. Now is the chance,” Kanvee said.

The KORA Awards is the Pan-African equivalent of the American-based Grammy Awards and honors the best artists from Africa and the Diaspora. Last year Kanvee was named KORA Goodwill Ambassador on Ebola to Liberia.

After winning the Africa Gospel Music Awards (AGMA’s) in 2013, Kanvee said, “At that event that attracted musicians from all over Africa and the African Diaspora, I thought to myself that it was time that other Liberian musicians, and not just me, be recognized internationally because our country has the talents for such awards”.

“Kanvee is currently visiting the United States and will soon return to Liberia to stir up fellow Liberian musicians for the KORA Awards nomination which finals are set to take place on the 13th of December, 2015 in Windhoek, Namibia,” Mr. Bayjay said.

“As a KORA Goodwill Ambassador, I’m encouraging all artists, whether Gospel, Hip Co, traditional, and so on, to submit their high quality video and audio on KORA website. I will be seeking the interest of the Liberian artists and will ensure that Liberia is represented at every international musical event,” Kanvee, who is a four-time Gospel Artist of the Year, said through a press release.
Created in 1994 by Ernest Coovi Adjovi, the KORA Awards honors the best artists from Africa and the Diaspora. The awards feature 27 categories and there is a huge cash reward associated with each trophy, with the main prize, ‘Best Artist of the Continent’, receiving a grand prize of US$1 million.

According to KORA, eligible artists for the ‘Best Artist of the Continent’ trophy must have been voted the best of their respective regions, further warning that the financial reward will, however, only be given to award-winners who will be in attendance at the awards ceremony. Absent artists will be awarded the trophy alone.

Other categories include ‘Best Male or Female Artists’ for Western, Eastern, Southern and Northern Africa, with a cash prize of US$50,000 each; ‘Best African Group’, ‘Most Promising Male or Female Artist’, ‘Best Video of the Year’ and ‘Most Downloaded Music’ (US$20,000 for each category), among others.

How to apply

Applicants must summit a digital or CD vision of the album, two color publicity photograph format jpeg, png not a passport or Identification card and a biography in English (if possible in French and Portuguese); also digital copy of the video.

KORA Awards is open to all musicians, singers of Africa and its Diaspora living on the continent or abroad.

The competition includes several awards and each artist may enroll in one or more categories of their choice.

The song or songs participating in the competition must have been published between January 1st, 2014 and July 15, 2015.

The songs must be of quality, and must not be damaged and must be readable on any drive.

The artist, author, or composer of the titles in the competition must submit his / her application(s) to the KORA Awards’ Team in Abidjan until July 20, 2015.

A formal letter of authorization is also to be sent to KORA Awards Committee. This authorization concerns the use of your image, videos, music and biography for promotion of the current KORA’s edition at: info@koraawards.org or entries@koraawards.com.


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