Kah-we-Yay-wah (Means “Come Lets Dance” in Gola)


Dance Liberia is a dance competition geared for Liberian youth between the ages 12 to 25, scheduled to take place in Monrovia, Liberia during the month of August 2015. Dancers are invited from all over the country to compete for the title of Liberia’s Best Dancers, cash prize, and an opportunity to work with a professional choreographer.

Due to the lack of activities for youth in Liberia, Dance Liberia was conceptualized to provide a platform for the youth of Liberia to develop physically, mentally, and emotionally through the art of dance. The competition provides an exciting opportunity for dancers at a time when the art form is increasing in popularity and generating high levels of critical acclaim across all of its genres. Dance is a very competitive sport and art and is highly recognized throughout the world. With the recognition of so many new dance shows like So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing with the Stars, it proves that dancers are both representative of the arts and sports.

The youth of Liberia is facing the most of hardships and lack of belongingness within the society. The youth constitute a big chunk of the population, yet it remains the most subjugated and marginalized. The difficult circumstances that young people face because of limited opportunities for education and training, viable employment and health and social services, and because of a growing incidence of substance abuse and juvenile delinquency is deteriorating the chance of Liberia’s quest for achieving the status of a developed Nation. Their imagination, ideals, considerable energies and vision are essential for the continuing development of the societies in which they live.

Dance Liberia focuses on the most underprivileged youths residing in urban slums, surviving on meager of resources and constantly seeking out a purpose for their life. Dance Liberia has the potential of integrating the values of a good and productive citizen in youth, motivating them to lead a normal life by providing them a platform to develop and showcase their skills.
Dance Liberia is an annual event, providing Liberian youths an opportunity to experience the richness of the art of dance.
Through the event, we hope to establish:
1. An annual competition for youth between the ages of 12-25.
2. An opportunity for the winners to work with a professional choreographer to provide technical training and creative development not yet available in Liberia.
3. An opportunity to serve as the Liberia’s Dance Ambassadors. Ambassadors will be invited to perform for national events.
4. An opportunity to compete and perform at international competitions and events.

Audition – July 2015: We are in the process of recruiting dancers who would like to participate in the competition. Groups interested should apply at one of the following locations:
• Peace Café (17th Street/Tubman Blvd – Aminata Gas Station)
• HOTT FM (Prall Building on Broad Street)
• Paynesville City Corporation – City Hall

Applications are available between Mondays – Friday between 10am – 3pm. Deadline to apply is July 15, 2015

Audition is closed to the general public. However, audition will be filmed and broadcast at a later date. The goal of the audition is to test whether participants are motivated and mature enough to best benefit from the planned program.
The competition is open to all Liberians between the ages of 12 – 25 years on the first day they register for auditions. Groups must have a minimum of 3 persons (with at least one female), and no more than 10 persons. No dance experience necessary. However, talent is mandatory. There is a non-refundable registration fee of $50LD per member.

All participants are responsible for their own transportation, meal, drinks, lodging, attire, etc.

Main Event – August 2015: Groups will perform and be judged on three (3) categories: (1) Traditional/Cultural, (2) Modern/Contemporary, and (3) Who Buck It/Freestyle

1. Traditional/Cultural: Includes dances that are unique to Liberia and sub-Sahara Africa.

2. Modern/Contemporary: The modern dance category includes breakdance (or breaking), ballet, jazz, locking, popping, and krumping.

3. Who Buck It/Freestyle: Groups will choose whatever dance they would like to perform (with the exception of the Tradition and Modern). Groups can however blend the two categories.

Both the audition and main event will be televised.

Dance Liberia is organized with the partnership of three Liberian Groups/Companies who recognize the importance of showcasing and nurturing young Liberian’s talent and providing them with opportunities to develop their skills to the highest levels. Our goal is to push new boundaries for choreography made with and by young people, and spark new opportunities for young artists and audiences to experience the richness and diversity of dance.

• The Association for the Advancement of Liberian Girls (AALG) – AALG (also known as The Liberian Girls Organization) is a Liberian registered Non Governmental Organization established as an advocate for the advancement of Liberian females through education, philanthropy, and social activities. We offer dynamic and constantly-evolving programs that advances education, self-development, and foster equality and positive societal change for children in general, with close attention to the girl child. The organization builds children’s reading rooms, provides mentorship for girls, and conducts sexual exploitation awareness.

• The Marketing Team (TMT) – TMT is a group of young Liberian professionals working for Blackett, Duncan, & Associates (BDA). The company was founded in 2013 by Stephanie Duncan. BDA is a boutique consulting marketing consulting and research company focusing on African products and services. We specialize in People, Products, & Services. Our services include market research, corporate branding, event management, social media marketing, promotional products, and advertising. We also offer “People Marketing” which includes recruitment for direct-hired for temporary and permanent positions, employee screening/background checks, customized trainings and career related seminars, and meet & greet services.

• Miss Boss Lady Entertainment (MBL) – Formed in 1998 MBL Entertainment, Inc. was born by the brainchild of Barkue Tubman A Liberian native, granddaughter of the distinguished late president of Liberia William V.S. Tubman Sr. and direct descendent of the great abolitionist Harriet Tubman. MBL is an international public relations, marketing, and event-planning organization with a proven track record for raising the bar with companies of all sizes. MBL focus is driving top line revenue, brand development and full-creative capabilities — each utilizing proven processes refined and validated over hundreds of client engagements. MBL International Group has been doing it since its conception. We’ve launched new companies, new products and new services. Re-energized established companies and repositioned mature brands. MBL growth is tied to the growth of our clients. MBL is the go-to company for Liberian and international companies of all sizes that want to create that buzz that customers won’t forget. We focus on result driven marketing, public relations, brand management and promotions for your company’s products, which include persons, places, products, & services.

• HOTT FM: HOTT FM 107.9 is the choice of the youth and has captivated its audience in its short broadcasting tenure. With its distinctive motto, “Da Fiyah?”, HOTT FM 107.9 has proven itself to be the fire for its young audience and continues to surprise Monrovia and the surrounding areas. Unlike other radio stations, HOTT FM has branded itself as the only station you should be listening to because if you aren’t listening, you are missing something special. It’s more than radio. It’s HOTT!!! HOTT FM is owned and operated by 1MEDIA HOUSE, Inc., a company whose owners are less than 35 years old. HOTT FM is the #1 choice of station of listeners under 30 and boasts a state of the art studio, 1000W transmitter ensuring coverage in Gbarnga, Buchanan, Bo Waterside and beyond, broadcasting 22 hours a day.

• At Media Inc.: At Media Inc., is a Liberian owned marketing, media, public relations, strategic communication that works to provide services for Non-governmental, private firms, Corporations, civil society companies, small businesses and governmental organizations. The company was started by Jani K. Jallah. Working through a poll of highly competent and experienced staff and the outsourcing of a range of talents; At Media works to conduct sound and sustainable mass communication platforms, for its hugely diversified client base. Our work is basically tailored to the needs of our clients. Our services include communication strategy development, marketing strategy development, client surveys, audio-visual digital recording and reportorial services, media monitoring services, general public relations advisory, and product marketing.


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