Junda Morris Kennedy Speaks on Runway Liberia Pre-Launch Soiree


The founder of Runway Liberia, Junda Morris Kennedy, is not a stranger when it comes to hosting fashion events. As a matter of fact, she has built her reputation as a successful fashion event planner who has gained international recognition and awards. And with just few more weeks to her much talked about Runway Liberia pre-launch soiree, LIB Life caught up with her and asked her some questions about the event.

LIB Life: Hey Madam Kennedy, can you provide us an update on the Runway Liberia soiree?

JMK: Everything is on course. The Runway Liberia pre- launch soiree still remains scheduled for April 22, 2017 at Destiny Entertainment Center, with the red carpet beginning at 6 PM and the main show starting at 8 PM. The red carpet will be a way for event attendees to show their fashion style to the entire Africa as Watsup TV will be in town recording the event plus lots of international media.

LIB Life: What are your strategies for success, and how will it they implemented?

JMK: The success of this event is all about including Liberian talent in the entire process. We have teamed up with the top Liberian owned venue, Destiny Entertainment Center, who is vested in helping to build the Liberian entertainment industry.

LIB Life: Looking at you being the brains behind the event and your successful track record of hosting events in the USA and Ghana, we expect nothing less than success come April 22, the day set for the Runway Liberia soiree. However, we have not seen much publicity in the county to promote the event like it is done of Facebook, why?

JMK: Thanks to our sponsor Origin and owner Mamudu Dabor, we have the event billboard up. The team is schedule for radio interviews on several radio stations to promote the event. We also have the official event commercial running on various radio stations. We have a street team that is going out to pass out flyers to promote the event; plus models and designers will invite friends and families to see them walk the runway.

LIB Life: In the last few years, we have seen a lot of fashion events in Liberia and the organizers promising to bring top foreign designers to the country, without doing so. How different will your promise be? How many of these foreign designers should we expect and from which countries?

JMK: I don’t know about other events but know what Runway Liberia pre-launch has to offer: Our showcasing designers/guests include FKK International Designs – Togo; Papa Ngala – Senegal; and models from Runway Ghana International. In addition are the Watsup TV owner and camera and crew, top fashion/lifestyle Italian based magazine – Deamina Magazine’s editor-in-chief have all confirmed that they will be attending.


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