Junda Morris-Kennedy is Publicist for Rapper Scientific


Things continue to look up for Liberian rapper Scientific, the man who is being touted as Africa’s premier hip hop lyricist. After dropping memorable collaborative and single efforts, the rapper just landed the services of renowned Liberian entertainment insider, Junda Morris-Kennedy, as his publicist.

“I decided to become the publicist for Scientific because I realized that although he is the best lyricist out of Africa, he needs a good publicist to have his music reach the masses,” said Junda Morris-Kennedy.

“As a Liberian I felt it necessary to give back to an amazing talent like Scientific the expertise that I have. I feel that I can help him achieve his dream, as he is by far one of the top lyricists in West Africa, hands down.”

Morris said that her vision for the rapper is to get his music not only heard in Liberia and Ghana, where he resides, “but all over the continent plus Europe and Africa.” She said that there is currently mass awareness for the ‘Scientific Brand’ that can have him booked for tours in the U.S, Europe and Australia.

“Like I helped U.S-based Liberian artist JODI signed to Spinlet, I can bring that same effort to Scientific’s music career,” added Ms Morris-Kennedy, who is also the representative of World Fashion Week in Liberia.

For his part, Scientific describes Junda Morris-Kennedy as “a very professional woman” and a person who believes in his talent.

“This new partnership has really put me on another pedestal because of the work that is being put into my publicity to the world. I’m in the best shape of my life right now,” he added.

Scientific said that Morris-Kennedy definitely has all the capacity needed “to jump off my career to another level and has already proven by connecting my music and brand to some of the biggest platforms in Africa, and major dices jokey around the globe.”


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