Jon Bricks Turn Business Tour into Honeymoon


Celebrated Liberian rapper Jon Bricks has now turned his five-country European business tour into a honeymoon with his Chinese girlfriend right after he celebrated her birthday in the middle part of last month.

The first day of the tour began in Moscow, with the second day in Rome, where the rapper spent a few days visiting historical cities including the ‘Holy’ Vatican City, home of the Catholic Church, and held a series of discussions with a few music executives in parts of Rome on the possibility of him breaking into the European music market.

“Immediately after her birthday,” a source close to Bricks said, “The rapper changed the whole business tour into a honeymoon with his girlfriend.

“Though the tour objective was purely business, Bricks’ decision to make it a romantic stint comes from the fact that he is looking at all possibility of settling down soon. He truly loves her and feels that turning his business tour into a honeymoon was the best birthday gift.

“They are spending a great deal of time together like never before, studying the possibility of being a future spouse, and few days ago they left Germany for Holland,” our source said.

However, when contacted the “Off and On” crooner could neither deny nor confirm the report.

“I’m just trying to satisfy my girl and I am thinking that spending more romantic time together will improve our relationship. Whether it is honeymoon or not, I’m living my life and from there focus on my next project that will be coming later,” said Jon Bricks, who is still touring.

“She possesses all the characteristics of a good wife. She is kind, and not just that, she is business minded when it comes to music. I love her a lot. But my marriage cannot be discussed, but it will happen.”

Meanwhile, Jon Bricks complained that his stay in Germany did not go well, and described Germans as racists and not really socially friendly like the Italians and Dutch.

“Most people here act retarded. I was in one of the best hotels out here and a good location, but nothing is really interesting here to me. Most of what you read on the internet is not exactly as it seems in reality here. Even their so-called big famous clubs are garbage. People stand in line for hours to get in; it is so disgusting, and I have never seen such in my entire life. It is boring,” Bricks explained.


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