Jon Bricks Set to Tour 21 Cities in China


International Hip-Co star Jon Bricks has been out of Liberia for a little over a year, and so much has been transpiring for the young and talented artist.

With a strong management team, JMK Publicist, leading him in the right direction, Jon Bricks has readily added another big boom to his a career, a rapping co-partner Zheng Zheng.

Now known as "Mr. LIB International", Jon Bricks has been working with Zheng Zheng and other Chinese based artists to promote his African style and Hip-Co vernacular.

Quite recently to his fans surprise but with appreciation, Mr. LIB International did the remix to his hit single “Off and On” produced by Liberia’s prodigy hit maker Bennie Ox, and included Zheng Zheng, a strong power move geared toward attracting a broader Chinese fan base.

Meanwhile, another amazing opportunity and well deserved venture has come into place for the hard working entertainer, a chance that now puts Mr. LIB International at the top as the first African/Liberian artist to be invited on the biggest Chinese concert series!

Set to tour 21 cities in China, a country that uses English as a second language but is open to entertainment and international artists,  Mr. LIB International will be doing his thing alongside his musical partner Zheng Zheng. Also, the 21 city concert tour is sponsored by one of the biggest brewing companies in China, Tsingtao Brewery.

“ Jon has been doing his thing in China and has gotten notice. Collaborating with Chinese artist Zheng Zheng was a big factor,” his publicist, Junda Morris Kennedy, said.


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