Jon Bricks Hits Out at Liberian DJs

Legendary Hipco rapper Jon Bricks.

Legendary rapper Jon Bricks has described the lack of support for Diaspora artistes among local DJs is a threat to the development of the country’s music industry.

The “Da Who” crooner said that the pushing aside of Diaspora artistes’ songs by DJs, which comes with better quality, doesn’t mean well for the growth of the music industry.

Jon Bricks added the industry is about competition and it is the competition that breeds quality, and quality leads to a vibrant music industry

“But that’s not the case in Liberia; therefore, we don’t have a vibrant music industry in the country. We in the Diaspora music come with better quality and if it is played back home, it will force local producers and artists to opt for quality production. In the absence of quality production, we will continue to lag behind and struggle to build an industry.

“I’m not just talking because I want to. I’m one of the victims, and I’m speaking out so they can stop.

“They need to give every artist the chance if they want to see Liberian music rises globally. For me, it doesn’t move me, but I’m speaking out for the other talented Diaspora artistes whose work has been overlooked.

He added there is too much of eye servant and crab mentality among Liberian Djs and that they need to stop because it is killing the industry.

Jon Bricks further narrated that over the few years, he has learned and observed that when you are based overseas, these local DJs don’t want to play your music—and before they do, they always request for money, which they don’t do to local artistes.

“For we the Diaspora artistes, the Djs demand too much financially when they are not putting in the airplay to allow you generate income through shows if the songs become popular, but they want to get what they didn’t sacrifice for, and this is killing the game.

“I think it’s a planned hateful movement against we the Diaspora artistes, but it will not stop us from doing what we do.

“Let me make this clear, no Dj will ever eat a dime from me because I make my money outside Liberia, so until I can start to make money from within Liberia, no Dj will eat what they didn’t help me get, especially when they are not helping in the process; so until then we will keep it as it is. If u can’t play the hits in my absence then don’t play it when you see me in the country because you want something from me, that’s just hypocritical,” the rapper said.

Meanwhile, Jon Bricks next album, “Goals,” is expected to be out very soon and comes with genres ranging from Afrobeat to Hipco and Dancehall.

“Goals,” his third studio album, will touch topics on love and everyday life’s situations. The album comes as Jon Bricks celebrates his 12th year in the music industry as a hitmaker.


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