Jon Bricks Eyes Repeat Win at LEA


Liberia’s international artist and hits master Jon Bricks, nominee for the category  “Best Hipco Artist” at this year’s Liberian Entertainment Awards (LEA), appears confident about winning come February 21,2015, in Washington, D.C, United States of America.

The singer and rapper said, “My Facebook pages are flooded with positive responses, and pre-congratulatory massages thus far; they are positive.

“My fans believe in my talent and big dreams based on numerous hits after hits.  They are expecting nothing less than a win because they are voting massively to ensure that I win.  Therefore they know that I’m the right choice for said category. My nomination for the best Hipco artist at the LEA is based on my God-given talent and my continual contribution to Liberian music locally and internationally”, he told LIB Life via email.

According to him, the LEA nomination is a great one; it recognizes meaningful and potential artists that have contributed immensely to the Liberian entertainment at large.

The “Still Hipco” artist, started his career in 2006, when he released the ever popular “Just Be There” single with his crew New Dynasty. Since then, he has stormed the airways in Liberia and the Diaspora. In 2010, he released the video for his hit song, “Keep Moving”, which met international standard and became the first Liberian music video to air on MTV, according His “Off And On” single featuring Killa-lu and Pity D’Best won the award for Best Liberian Song for 2013 on UNMIL radio and ELBC. On April, 23, 2014, Bricks became the first Liberian artist to join Africori, Africa’s leading business to business digital music distributor.

A recent report in the media says some artists are calling on their colleague to boycott this year’s LEA. But Brick disagrees. “Every artist has his or her own reason in conclusion to do whatever they decide,” he says. “But [boycotting LEA] is unhealthy for our industry.  LEA has done well and is still doing well; every artist need to appreciate that. We should all learn to be happy for each other be it your friend or not.  There are more opportunities ahead.  Your time will definitely come, keep pushing, keep moving and doing your best. Even if you weren’t nominated, you need to be happy for others because you could be next.

“I want to thank all of my fans, I’m truly grateful for your continual support. Also to my team, team Brickcity, my fiancée and manager Berenice Mulubah, and the rest of my crew.”


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