Jon Bricks: ‘European Tour Was All Business’

Hippo rapper Jon Bricks: "I have begun talking to creators about what they stand to benefit if the union is strengthened."

“Off and On” crooner Jon Bricks has denied LIB Life’s recent report that he turned his five-country European business tour into a honeymoon. It was reported in last week’s edition of LIB Life that Bricks, after celebrating his Chinese girlfriend’s birthday in Italy last month, turned the tour into a honeymoon.

Before leaving Amsterdam for Paris the rapper told LIB Life that his European tour is a business trip to establish working relationships with top music executives and promoters in Europe, and that under no condition has that objective changed.

“At the current stage in my career, my primary focus is about breaking more into the international music market, not pleasure. I began this tour with a specific objective and creating a brand of my music that will go globally as well as monetizing my career. Again let me make this clear, I’m not on a honeymoon.

“If my tour was changed into a honeymoon as claimed, then I would not have had the time to shoot a classic banging video in Milan for my latest single ‘Conqueror,’ which will be out very soon,” said the Liberian rapper.

He said that the video in question was done by Catia Productions, one of the best female producers in Italy.

“I’m achieving a lot on this tour as well as building personal relationships for more international collaborations with top stars in Europe in the near future that will help brighten our struggling industry. I think that what we Liberian artists need more is good music and good videos,” he added.

Meanwhile, the rapper is calling on his fans to be positive about his European tour, and that very soon “they will receive something nice.”


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