Jon Bricks Album Almost Complete

Jon Bricks

Although Jon Bricks made his music debut more than a decade ago, he continues to be a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

Maybe because of our struggling music industry, many songs are released every day with poor quality sounds. But when it comes to Bricks’ music, one gets a breath of fresh air as the quality of production meets international standards. This is clearly manifested in his new single, ‘Selfie,’ a truly a classical banger.

Another great Jon Bricks character is his ability to treat his music career as a business, instead of hobby. The rapper, who is quickly transcending from the status of a veteran to a legend when it comes to Hipco music, talks about his upcoming album, fashion and more in this LIB Life interview.

LIB Life: Hello Bricks. How are you? Hope you are doing great. What have been your high and low points for the past two years?

JB: I’m fine, and life is awesome. Looking back, 2017 was my toughest year. I went through a lot, and worst of all, I lost a friend and brother who was one of my closest confidants. But still I was able to get back in the studio and release a few hits songs. For me I think that’s beyond magnificent.

Lib Life: When is your next album coming out? What are some of the themes or sounds we should expect to hear?

JB: My next album, ‘Goals,’ will be out soon and it comes with genres ranging from Afrobeat to Hipco and Dancehall. It will touch topics on love and everyday life situations. The album is almost complete; just going through final touches. We will come out with a lot of new songs. I’m doing everything possible to make it a fan-favorite.

LIB Life: As an artist, you have the need to grow, while also striving to continue to elevate to the next level. How do you continue to push yourself and evolve as an artist?

JB: I try to connect with the right people that will help push me in the right directions as well as learning new music business skill to monetize my career. Also, I strive to make great music every day, so that I can stay in the game and learn from past mistakes that held me back.

As a musician, I have left a huge blueprint in the Liberian music industry, although it is struggling. Some of the value I added include making Liberian music popular in China with my continued collaboration with Chines artists. This is a big boost and I’m helping push Liberia’s unique rap style of music, Hipco…I have a lot of deals here in China (to start rapping in Chinese) which are quite lucrative, but it’s not always about me being an artist, but about taking Liberian rap globally and making it an international accepted genre. I believe in Hipco and know one day this genre will be fully internationally accepted.

LIB Life: As your appeal continues to grow and you become more appealing to brands — how do focus on building your business while staying true to who you are as an artist?

JB: I have always been myself, never been a follower. I lead and others follow, that’s why I’m still relevant and still will be in decades to come, even if I don’t rap. This is because I have worked hard to build my brand by putting out nothing but quality.

My brand has never really been about quantity, but quality that has gotten me to that level where I’m pushing for higher heights. Over the years I have learned that patience, confidence and consistency is the key, and believing in GOD.

LIB Life: Lastly, how would you describe your style, and what are some of your favorite beauty products?

JB: I’m a fashion guy, and I normally rock with bright colors. I have my own style and feel as an artist that keep me attractive. I try every time to be out with something new, be it my look or hair or something, just creative.

I don’t limit myself to a particular brand or product; if I see something I like, I rock with it.


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