Joe Praize Concert Faces Hiccup but Emerges Triumphant


Despite delays that would have had a negative impact on his musical event, international multi-award winning gospel artist Joe Praize was however able to leave fans thrilled, performing the hit song Helemama.

Mr. Priaze’s performance lasted for about two hours thirty minutes.

Although several local gospel artists were on stage with Joe Praize for more than five minutes, they were unable to perform due to the holdup in time for the actual start of the concert.

The Joe Praize “Live in Monrovia Concert” was scheduled to get underway at about 3pm, but actually started at around 7:30 pm. But by the time the show started, many people had already left the Blue Field.

Joe Praize came around the field at about 5pm. But he had to wait in the car for more than four hours as the technical team of the organizer, Esther Generation, worked on the generator.

When he finally came on stage, a few people in the crowd were already beginning to shed ears.

“It has been a very tough day to have this concert ready,” Joe Praize told the excited crowd. “I’m not deterred by any delay, and those of you still here were destined to be.”

“I have lots of invitations to perform in other countries,” he said, adding, “I came purposely to help erase the notion that Liberia is a bad country. But that isn’t what I have seen since my stay here.”

He said the message that the world will see today is that Liberia is a nation with caring and peace-loving people, and a good place to be.

“I waited in my car for such a long time to see that this day happens. I’m thrilled and this is an emotional experience I have received from this incredible audience who waited for the longest to see this concert happen,” Joe Praize noted.

Mr. Praize also performed hits songs like “Mighty God” and “Grace”. But a few people thought the concert was rather brief, and were left somewhat disappointed.

“I came to this stadium around five and waited for so long just to see this concert, but the organizer lied to us,”said a man identified as Sam Brown, adding, “The poor planning clearly showed that Esther Generation was unprepared to host this event.”

“The concert was great but the delay in time ruined everything. But I admire Joe Praize a lot for inspiring my soul, ” said Emmanuel Davies.


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