Jodi Clark Walks Out of a Terrible Accident with Minor Bruises


Jodi Clark, a Liberian hit song maker and the angelic voice behind the popular hit single, “Baygeeo,” has a testimony, one that brings chills to his skin when he thinks about how God spared his life and left him praising His Name.

According to the “Plenty Money” and “Baby I Do” songster, he walked out of a serious car accident that unbelievably mangled the hood of his car. Onlookers thought that the driver of the car had to be badly injured because of the look of things. Jodi, who thinks he should have died, walked out of the catastrophe with a leg injury and pain in his neck, because, “God was watching over me.”

Jodi said on the day of the accident, he awoke from bed literally not knowing what the end of the day would bring, just like any normal day.

“I believe God gave me a second chance at life and a reason to reevaluate things in life, especially my relationship with Him,” he added.

The accident occurred at 5:00 p.m. Alone and on his way home from the studio in Miami, Florida, and trying to beat the traffic, a multi-vehicle collision occurred.

No word yet as to who hit who, because according to his manager, SB Taylor, “it happened in the blink of an eye.”

He said although he believes in God, he has not been close to Him, nor has he prayed as often as he should.

“I’ll forever be faithful that God gave me another chance at life.”

Meanwhile, Jodi is expected to continue his ventures into his Vision tour that could mean landing down in Liberia next year, a home he hasn’t seen in a very long time. With his new single, produced by a Kenyan producer, giving the song a distinct uniqueness and a budge into being one of the greatest songs on air right now, Jodi has been reborn. His career, attitude and love for God have been heightened.


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