JB Speaks on Lonestar Cell MTN Search for a New Brand Ambassador


JB of the rap group Soul Fresh has described the Lonestar Cell MTN search for a new brand ambassador through a text message competition as very degrading, because the public will see artists as people who are hungry to become ambassadors.

In a Facebook post over the weekend, the catchy colloquia rapper said although he welcomes the company’s quest for a new brand ambassador after Quincy B’s passing, he said the ongoing process of seeking a brand ambassador through text message is a breach of international music business principles, which he did not name.

He said that it is not only disgraceful to accomplish the task through text voting, but that the company is the only one that will benefit by using the artists’ popularity to expand its fan base.

“But for me and my boy Shining Man, representing the group Soul Fresh, we have passed that stage long time, and will not do anything that does not follow the music business principles.

“No disrespect, looking at our track record, our CVs and the amount of fans that respond to our music and events, we can no longer settle for any deal that seeks to exploit us,” he said.

However, JB did not blame the artists in the competition, but called on them to get paid for promoting businesses.

Meanwhile, a source close to the rapper noted that his Facebook post came as a result of his colleague’s attitude of selling their careers for a pittance, which undermines the development of the industry.

“Right now, JB wants to see artists leaving that culture of hustling and take on the entrepreneur sprit in order to monetize their careers,” the source said.


  1. Since indeed as it was previously stated by the Soul-fresh rappers JB and Shining Man,that they are no longer interested of being a Lonestar MTN New Brand Ambassador,for the fact is that the they have passed that stage.And the most preferable Artist here is that the Eric Geso is more competent to serve such a position,due to his key role in the music game and international experience that will bring qualities, popularities and better representation to the Entity.


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