Is Stunna Liberia’s Next Top Superstar?

Fast-rising singer, Stunna.

-Industry insiders weigh in about the artist’s potential 

Since making his musical debut about four years ago, sensational singer and songwriter, Stunna has been making great moves in Liberia’s budding music industry with lots of hit songs.

The “Baby Oh” singer, Stunna, has continued to battle the odds to stand out, so much that it has justified him garnering a whopping seven nominations for the upcoming Liberia Music Awards, the country’s biggest and prestigious. This is an achievement no artist under the age of 20-years in the local music industry has been able to accomplish in the history of LMA.

The young artist also set another record recently by becoming the first Liberian artist to host a full house concert at the Riverside beach, a venue with a capacity of more than 2000 at the ticket rate of at US$10 for ordinary and US$15 for VIP — something which well-known and established artists or his peers have not been able to achieve at that same venue.

Stunna’s overnight growth in the music industry is a remarkable one and testament of the power of social media to turn an unknown artist into a known star.

To find out what the future holds for this promising singer, LIB Life, the entertainment arm of the Daily Observer newspaper spoke with three music critics to get their views.

“To be honest with you, Stunna is a good singer and songwriter whose dedication to his craft is what keeps him above his peers and some top artists right now in the game,” says Charles Bruce, co-founder of Imedia, a social media platform that promotes Liberia entertainment. “He’s such a hard-worker and commits to everything he does with maximum passion. He’s a true musician and indeed Liberia next future stars.”

Anothny Fofana, founder of Gossip Liberia, a blog dedicated to promoting Liberia entertainment, said: “The creativity of Stunna, his voice and how he flows to the sound of the beat makes it difficult for him to go into hiding. His ability to sing in multiple genres actually set the artist apart from lots of other artists. Stunna is a promising artist with lots of potential and can be that artist to take Liberian music to the world.

“One thing that makes him unique is that his music does not contain profanity but catchy lyrics which makes it appalling to old folks and young folks,” Fofana added. “Stunna is indeed a game changer for the Liberian music industry because of his ability to blend soulful R&B melodies with Afrobeats and sometimes Dancehall, to create something unique that people cannot resist.

“I see Stunna as that long-awaited musician who the industry has been waiting for to push the country’s music to the outside world, something he is already doing. One vast advantage Stunna had is that his fan base comes from all walks of life, even the most ultra-conservative,” says Sheik Mohammed of the blog Diamond Online.


  1. Robin Dopoe, I have followed your work for many years, most especially, in the entertainment industry, and i must commend you for the work that you do in promoting these artists. I just want to say a big thank you. I hope you will continue to shine the spotlight on them. I wish you well.


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