Introducing Miss Menneh


A few years ago, Miss Menneh was born. This was not a rebirth but her coming into the music world with gripping lyrics that engages every bit and part of music lovers. This was true of her debut album, “Zomo.”

The album is a blend of traditional Liberian sounds and Afrobeat to create a unique sound that is hard to resist. Many Liberians in the US are caught up in her rapture.

As the album grew popular, Miss Menneh started touring states like Georgia, New York, New Jersey, Florida and Kentucky, thrilling fans with charismatic and electrifying performances and sharing the stage with legendry Liberian artists like Fatu Gayflor and Zay Tete.

Since then, she has dropped more than four hit singles including “Parking Station,” “Facebook,” and “Yewe.”

Miss Menneh, who musical career is driven by her passion for life, is a gifted songwriter with the ability to speak to the soul through expressive and touching lyrics. Her music seeks to inspire people to love, dance and free the mind from stress.

“Music is powerful tools that can help people solve any kind of problem or situation. I do music to make people feel happy because if they are happy, they will have the willpower to make that change or solve the problem,” she said.

The importance of the works of this unique Liberian song bird has been recognized by the Liberian Music Awards, which nominated her in the Best New Artists of the Year and Best Female Artist of the Year for the 2015 and 2016 awards.

Miss Menneh moved to the US in 2005, and currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Follow Miss Menneh “Truly African” on YouTube, Instangram, Google, and Facebook with the same name.


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