Introducing: Fatmatta


There are only a handful of Liberian women at the top of their music game, and one of them of course is Fatmatta, a multi-talented singer, songwriter, rapper, DJ and producer.

Many female artists have been holding the music industry down since day one, like R&B/pop/ragga star Sweetz, who has been singing since she had ponytails and jumped rope. Besides Sweetz, there is actually a whole planet of mad talented, catchy and moving young female artists who are too often overlooked.

The industry is not meant for one person or sex, and it’s time we stepped outside that cocoon and realize that female artists can be just as dope as others, including their male counterparts.

This week on ‘Missy Madness’ we are spotlighting Famatta, who has covered more grounds in music than a lot of artists would dare to attempt.

Famatta is a mixture of cultures, with her father hailing from Liberia and her mother from St. Kitts in the West Indies, and she blends both sides of her ethnicity quite well, which gives her music identity.

Over the years, she has had a massive impact on artists like Flex Sirleaf, who recently signed to Akon’s KonLive Label as his ghostwriter and has also written for former X-Factor finalist and platinum recording artist Cher Lloyd on her “Sticks and Stones” album.

Fatmatta released her first mixtape titled “I’m ready,” which sent chills down the spines of anybody who heard it. From the intro alone you could tell that “I’m ready” was produced by a lady who knew the formula for good music as if she has been doing this since the day.

“Growing up in such a colorful, cultural household, I developed a love for international music with influences of Afro pop, calypso and R&B. This influenced me to start writing my own music,” she stated, clarifying further, “I’ve been doing it since I was 7.”

There you have it.

Meanwhile, Fatmatta has worked with a bunch of big names that makes her portfolio an attractive one. A songwriter first and foremost, she has worked with Rodney “Dark Child” Jerkins, Da Internz, Chris Beatz, Juke Box, Kutt The
Check, Young Guap, Major Status, Zay Da Chef, Young Trip and many more.

As the younger sister of Diallo Gibson, a Liberian/US based artist manager who managed his artists into a promising three man-venture deal with Akon’s Konlive Label…
Fatmatta has finally arrived.

A couple of years after moving to Atlanta, she kicked off her career in the music industry as a promo tour manager. Famatta then pursued her musical dreams and blossomed into a well rounded star.

“It was a challenge once I became a musician and after many failed attempts and disappointments I finally decided to start Wild Life Nation and funded my own project ‘I’m ready,’” she added.

Famatta describes her genre and style of music as an American-hip hop-R&B-African-and-Virgin-Island-foursome. Her goal is to gather fans worldwide, using her catchphrase: “WILDDDLIFEEE!!! GOT MY TRIBE WITH ME!”


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