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A successful mother with multiple careers who has also disproven the famous saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none”, has made so many positive accomplishments that LIB LIFE was propelled to speak with her.

Over the weekend she joined LIB LIFE to share how she manages all of her talents and musters enough skill to master it all.

Her most successful talent as a radio personality enabled her to work with Global Afric, an online radio in the USA.  During her time at Global Afric, she interviewed Millionaire Rick Fettke, Tennessee Titan's Linebacker, a Liberian Native, Rennie Curran and WNBA player Matee Ajavon.

One of many success stories she shares is her position in the US Military and her upcoming plans.

“After my military career, I will continue on as a writer.  I’m actually working on my second book.  This one is a novel. Also I am partnering with Jon Bricks to open a record company,” she said.

LIB LIFE:  it is amazing being able to talk with you. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

BM:  My name is Berenice Mulubah. I’m originally from Harper City, Maryland County. I’m a blogger and also in the US Marine Corps. I am the manager of Hip-Co artist, Jon Bricks, and run a social media blog called ‘C Liberia Clearly’.    

LIB LIFE: How do you balance being a successful mother with the demands of your career?

BM: Honestly, there is no magical technique I have in place. Like all hard working mothers around the world, I have my priorities in order: God, Family, Country and lastly myself. 

LIB LIFE. What else do you do apart from being a mother, Marine and a manager?

BM: I spend the rest of my time writing, researching and interviewing amazing Liberians who are doing positive things for our nation.

LIB LIFE: Apart from the military, what are your future plans?

BM: I’ll be devoting my time as a volunteer doing community service, focusing on sexual violence against women.  I have started with the Spread Your Lappa Campaign: Fight Against Rape in Liberia. This campaign will be on April 11, 2015 at the BYC Sports Complex at 1pm.  Over all, I’m just being a loving mother to my kids, a good wife and a decent citizen to my country. 

LIB LIFE:  How long have you been in the music industry as a manager and what inspired your move.

BM: Hmm. I’ve been a manager for a few months and jumped into the game to help promote Liberian music worldwide.

LIB LIFE: There has been lot of romantic messages between you and Jon Bricks on social media like FaceBook. What is your relationship with him like?

 BM: Jon Bricks introduced me to his parents and kids as the love of his life. And in return I introduced him to my parents and kids as the love of my life. He has my name as a tattoo on his arm.  I think it is safe to say we are in a committed relationship.

 LIB LIFE: Wow, I guess my notion was right. (Laughter) You were nominated for best radio personality category of Liberia Entertainment Awards (LEA) in 2014. What has ushered you this far.

BM: Well, it was my move on to TMZ online radio, now called Radio Afric.  While I was with Radio Afric I interviewed Fatu Gayflor, Benoni Urey, Sundaygar Dearboy and many other personalities. 

LIB LIFE: Thanks for the interview and your time, which I know you barely had.  Do you have anything to add?

BM: My primary focus is the entertainment industry and also being a member of the Liberian Entertainment Awards Academy (LEA). I believe in the rich entertainment industry in Liberia. We just have to learn how to value and appreciate our culture. 

I am also hoping that more Liberians will join the Spread Your Lappa Campaign: Fight against Rape in Liberia, at the BYC Sports Complex in Monrovia and at 340 Rev. S. Howard Woodson, Jr. Way, Trenton NJ 08618, to foster community awareness on rape prevention. 


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