International Artist Black Diamond Attacked During Soul Fresh Festival


Boasting a status as the only Liberian artists that can pull in one million fans from all walks of life in Liberia to any of their concerts, Soul Fresh held their Million Fan Festival over the weekend on Bernard Beach that not only brought in a couple of thousand fans and performances from many artist, it also brought confusion and the injury of International afro reggae star Black Diamond’s cousin, Ebony…

Here’s what happened!

No one really knew what happened for bottles to start flying onto the stage that hosted over a dozen people who stood around waiting for their turn to perform. A Dj’s job is to get the party started and to make sure it never stops, but somewhere during Soul Fresh’s Million Fan
Festival, there were just too many DJs waiting their turn to spin.

The show started with two HottFm presenters who brought the timid audience closer to the stage, mainly as a result of DJ Mcgrady, who held them down with his sassiness.

However, at 3pm, people started appearing from nowhere anxious to get past the gates; tickets were being sold by Edwin Tisdell, Soul Fresh’s manager, and Champion Design. As always, crowds of people jumped the fence on the side of the beach; and if you checked the number of people in the audience, the figure was more than those who paid to get in.

Were there a million fans there? Not this time around, but with time and further planning, the turn up will grow.

Meanwhile, the concert started with performances from Lady Love, Sweetz and Pretty Jues, Chiller Coolnanee, @Switt, Kizzy W, Takun Jay, Nasseman, Mr. Smith and a host of others.

Somewhere after Chiller Coolnanee’s second performance, he held up the mic and asked his fans if he should continue performing, and the crowd went nuts.

“Yes, perform. We love you, Chiller,” they screamed…

In the mist of him showing them love by standing still and smiling, international artist Black Diamond, who came down to host his concert “Coming to Lofa” in Lofa County, awaited his turn to perform. DJ As A Boy, who held the mic, asked DJ Theo to turn down the music for his next performer, and the crowd again went nuts!

“We don’t want series or a deportee, we want Chiller,” they shouted, followed by a couple of glass bottles thrown onto the stage.

People started running helter-skelter, but Black Diamond and a host of others on stage asked them not to get annoyed as they tried to explain who Black Diamond was.

In the midst of the chaos, Black Diamond’s cousin, Ebony was caught by a flying object that hit her left shoulder blade, leaving a deep gash.

Is there any animosity between Black Diamond and the show’s stoppers?

“My cousin had nothing to do with it and she was hurt. You know, I will not talk or get angry. I came to have a good time and host my concert, that’s about it,” Black Diamond added.

Maybe there is no animosity after all!


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