International Acclaimed Star G-Rize Fits Advocacy and AID into His Music Career


I watched Old Ma Sattah lying on the cold ground, obviously hungry and sick from neglect. A man passing by with cold juice and donuts stopped in curiosity.

“Nah your Ma?” he asked.

In response, our LIB Life team handed old Ma Sattah a plate of potato greens rice filled with chicken, fish and shrimps after she confessed that she was indeed starving.

“This is a gesture to you from G-Rize, an artist based in the US. Your own Liberian son,” LIB Life stated.

This scene continued for the rest of the day as LIB Life fed more than 16 malnourished, poverty stricken and at one point, drug users in one of the most feared communities called “Fever Water” in Point Four.

Meanwhile, Augustine Cole, commonly known as G-Rize, has been making a racket in the past one year with his involvement in many inspiring initiatives. Apart from being featured in major magazines and interviewed by some leading radio stations in America, his performance as an
Afro/RNB/Pop star has led him to major cities.

Though he literally lives the lifestyle that comes with being famous, he balances fatherhood and his busy schedule that doesn’t permit him to spend much time with his two children.

G-Rize says he is keeping focused and doesn’t mind dividing himself into portions that will suit his children, fans, women who strive for equality and those who are in need.

“That’s what I do, I help people because I know what it feels like to sell cold water on your head, tie coal bags and be hungry beyond recognition. I have a daughter who is my life and I want what’s best for her and believe every girl, woman in the world should have the same” he stated.

Quite recently, a grandmother who has been taking care of her sickly baby in the borough of New Kru Town cried out for help and without second thought G-Rize stood tall and sent her a rack, defined by the Liberian community as being a large sum of money.

“I don’t like to see people suffering. I am not rich but will do whatever I can in my own way to see to it that no one has to cry out like that. I love my people,” he added.

Also, G-Rize has become a champion for women, with his recent involvement in #HeForShe, a campaign of men daring themselves to advocate and stand strong for gender equality and involvement in all things 50/50.

Presently, Frank Artus is the HeForShe Ambassador and has been going around the globe speaking out on the ills Liberian women are faced with and how men can play a role in helping them get out of these problems.

G-Rize wants the same.

Meanwhile, G-Rize has other movements up his sleeves: acts of advocacy that he says will be done, in action, rather than just talking about it.

“I will do something big for Liberia and those who have been pleading with us to help them get out of their traps. I know with time to come I will not just be known as this great artist, but as a man who really, really made a difference in our history,” he added.


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