Inspired by the traditional lipsticks used in olden days by African women: Black Lips Are Back


Angel Lips cosmetic has officially launch ed the Master Queen Collection to uncover the hidden beauty of women through its product.

Each lipstick comes with a unique color that will show the sexiness of any woman wearing it, bringing out the true goddess of beauty in her.

The Master Queen Collection, which pocketed the highest sales during the launch, is inspired by the traditional black lipsticks used in the olden days by African women and the brown, a color that is sexy on ladies.

“I feel so amazing being part of a Liberian business that promotes women’s beauty after using foreign products for too long. I think that with this new collection women’s beauty is going to be explored in Liberia and we have colors that suits every occasion you think of,” Master Queen, the Brand Ambassador, said.

Rocking the stage with the black lipstick, Master Queen added “I chose the black color because I want to bring those olden days back and also erase that notion that black lipstick is not beautiful on women.”

The brand ambassador noted that the various lipsticks do not only bring out the natural look of women but also provide women with the bold features they desire.

She said this to a full house audience at Peace Café: “If you are out there and want to have that exquisite look, try the Angel Lipsticks and you will see the difference.

“Believe me, with these collections, your worry of bringing out the goddess of beauty in you is over.”

In brief remarks, the founder of the company, Lisa Gaye, expressed joy for the love and review she has received from women, adding that “it is a positive from them.”

“The only sad thing is that I have to send large quantities of the brand before the end of January since the one that is here is almost finished,” Lisa Gaye said.

She said the lipsticks are now available at Blush Clothing Boutique on Broad Street and at Devine Beauty Palace, as soon it opens on Duport Road.


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