Infectious Takes Beats Online


Fresh from a break and more energized than ever before, music virus Infectious Michael has launched a website where he sells instrumentals for the different genres of music he produces.

After he left Liberia for the U.S over two years ago, Infectious said he finds it difficult to meet up with the delivery timelines set by artists and their managers requesting him to produce beats for them, and gets confused where to start from.

As a result of the pressure associated with the high demand for his Midas touch, Infectious said he was not producing songs like before. This led him to realize that the only way out was to open a platform, like the website, where he can cloud different kinds of beats, ranging from Gbema to R&B, in one place.

“In that way artists have a wide range to choose from to get that desired beat for a hit track or album done. I feel the pains that these artists undergo in order to get their beat; the time consuming was difficult. Now with the website, the beats are already produced, placed on the site and are affordable.

“I have various formats of the files that I sell besides the MP3 files only. I have a pricing plan on the website under the beat dropdown menu. Regular MP3 stereo mix 160k is $100 with no track out; waves stereo mix 48k with no track out is $150; and fully track out session, royalties free no tagged session is $350,” explained Infectious Michael.

The music virus added that a full package deal that can be negotiated is if one needs a VIP with royalties free, fully track out, no tags and an added instrument.

“I am one of the best producers that have come out of Liberia in recent times; the records are there to prove it. So when it comes to the production of beats and instrumentals, a hit is assured as long as that artist stays creative and matches up to the modern trends of music.

“The amazing part is that most of these artists who buy these beats also want me to finish it up for them no matter where they are. Thank God for modern technology. So basically, I do everything in most cases at the end of the day,” said Infectious.

For those who want to buy beats but do not have a prepaid bank card or credit card to pay online can contact Infectious through his email address: for details on how payment is made.

The web address is:


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