Independent Film Crew Needs Your Assistance


Determined Angels Production (DAP), a successful movie group that has put out two winning movies and produced several in the past two years finally has the opportunity of a lifetime, to feature in an up-coming movie project in Lagos, Nigeria with some top locals.

Unfortunately for the group of seven, which is being victoriously run by its CEO and founder, Patricia Davies, it has insufficient funds to make the trip.

“We were invited by one of the biggest producers in Nigeria to be screened, cast and featured in a big movie project in Lagos. My entire crew of seven has been invited with promises of a bigger venture into the movie making industry. We look forward for assistance that could benefit the entire movie industry in Liberia,” Patricia added.

According to Patricia, DAP produced two movies that won the attention of World Choice Film Production, who after watching the movies fell in attraction to the movie crew.

“They watched ‘Birthday Surprise’ which is about a group of friends who attended a birthday party that was filled with violence, suspense and mystery. And they also watched ‘Total Distraction’ which is about HIV/AIDS. After seeing the two, they automatically said that they wanted to work with us and invited us out there to be a part of their village movie ‘Port Harcourt’,” Patricia added.

Meanwhile, Emmanuel Bonoe, one of the actors invited, having an opportunity to go to Nigeria, the third largest in the movie industry will not only muster up the group’s talent and ideas, but also create something special.

“If we get an opportunity to go out there, do you know what that means? That means we get to feature in some top Nigerian movie which will help sell our movies here in Liberia. It will also give Liberians the idea of going to other countries to collaborate with other actors and actresses. This will be big for us,” he added.

DAP hopes for the support of everyone to make this opportunity a success for them. They are requesting the amount of $3,000 USD

“We have been working very hard since 2012 with my own money and resources. I have been able to get my movie crew to where they are and I look forward to showing everyone who has yet to know about our ability to entertain why we have been selected to go to Nigeria for this film,” Patricia added.


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