In Too Deep


Many entertainers, business entrepreneurs and everyday people upon meeting Yosuf Mansour for the very first time, think: “Hey, what a nice and thoughtful guy?”

But what they don’t know is Joe, as he is commonly called, is the owner of Red Eyes Entertainment, a production company that is behind more than half of the songs playing on Liberian airwaves.

“70 to 80 percent of the songs playing on radio were produced at Red Eyes, and 80% of those songs were produced free of charge,” he dived in.

Joe has been in the industry since 2007, producing, inspiring and promoting Liberian music with all his passion, both in Liberia and Sierra Leone.

“I love music. It was a challenge at first because back then Liberians were not going for their own thing so I admit – I left it! But after motivation and inspiration from friends, artists and my family, I started my own Label in 2012,” said Joe.

He said Red Eyes Entertainment has a history of top producers, from Sierra Leonean producing and engineering prodigy Sahr Iss, who Joe started Red Eyes with, Reggae artist AB Swaray, to Nigerian Rawlo, the “Oga” behind Red Eyes signature sound.

“I started with a laptop in 2012 and as time went on I brought things for the studio bit by bit until it became what it is today. A lot of people don’t know me, and that I’m the owner of Red Eyes, but I credit my producers because they are the ones working hard and my moral supporters who have helped me along the way,” he added.

Introducing Beat Master, Joe said he is the engineer at Red Eyes who has turned locals into stars, and has made artists like Speedo the talk of town with his dope instrumentals and on-point beats.

“If you are working like Beat Master is, it should be your business to run the business like it’s your won. As of now, Red Eyes is still virtually free though there is a small fee for electricity because we are using a generator,” he added.

Joe’s contribution to local entertainment content sees him as one of the nine Board Members of the recently formed Liberian Music Awards Liberia (LIMA) committee. As a website designer, Joe hosts interesting forums on its website about Liberia’s industry and related topics.


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