In This Life, If You Need Success, You Should: RISK IT TO TAKE IT!!


I’ve divorced my fears –broken up with my anger — pushed away my weaknesses & invited my innermost strength to carry on. Do you know Why? Because am getting married to MyDreams.

Fear could be the best reason Why you did not make it to achieve that much needed dream of yours. But quite ironically, Fear itself is an ingredient of life, spicing you to look before leaping into decisions and ventures and challenges of life itself.

There were times in my life and career when I feared so many things to the extent that I preferred settling in My Comfort Zone UNCHALLENGED.

But then I realized that those who often took the bold steps did not get killed while climbing the difficult ladder to snatching their dreams, they often succeeded in moving ahead of me and attaining a level of success.

I looked around me and also realized that I was too comfortable and too used to my zone~a zone in which everyone told me that I was too good to take certain chances and that certain decisions were way below me.

But then I looked closely into the lives of those discouraging me and realized that they had their own lanes in life, and were only trying to get me to drive according to their speed.

I got so angry at the realization that I stood up, dusted off my heels and took bold steps toward success and away from the status quo.

The status quo seeks to Keep you at being normal, and that is Where people get Stuck unchallenged. Being normal is boring and has no room for breaking free and venturing into unknown territories. What matters is you breaking free and leaving your footprints in a new territories charted by the exceptional you.

David had the courage to face goliath because He was exposed to the harsh realities of fighting and defeating a bear and a lion to Keep his flocks alive, and so you must strive to fight your laziness, blockout your normal friends and welcome significant challenges and undertakings that will mold you for success in this cold heartless world of ours.

Today as I type these words, I Am not at that level of affluence I desire, but as I fight on and Keep meeting and defeating new challenges in very new and difficult territories, I Keep getting stronger and better and moving steadily ahead in My Career as an Actor, A Voice Over Artist, A Family Man, and A Gifted son of GOD.

Never allow the sheer comfort of an unchallenged life trap you to nothingness. Be bold, take a chance, stand up for a purpose and be a model of emulation.

That is the only way your reason of being here with us on Earth will remain a legacy long after you have gone to rest in eternity.

Wrestle the hustle until you become the Boss.


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