In less than a Year, Two Awards and Fame


Here is an award winner who took the 2016 Liberian Music Awards by surprise when he garnered two awards, one for “Best Hip-co Rapper” and the other for “2016 Best Freestyle Rapper”, and he did this without a single promotion from Liberian based DJs and radio stations.

AG Da Profit’s career peeked in just one year as one of Liberia’s leading rappers through what he called passing his music to the right people. His arrived with no noise or publicity, but still rose to fame, a rare chemistry that celebrities wouldn’t want to chance, especially knowing how lethal the media is to one’s career.

AG rose to fame after releasing “Baby Yoo” towards the end of 2015 as one of Sierra Leone’s best collaborated songs from a Liberian Hip-co artist. Born in Monrovia, and raised in Freetown during the war, AG is currently signed to Don Records. He is also the CEO of BMB.

Not that AG doesn’t crave for the publicity that talented artists receive and radio airplay for his three popular songs: “Real Talk”, “Hooked on It” and “Baby Yoo”, but AG has filled the Liberian people’s mouth with his talent and delivery.

Who said that an artist cannot singlehandedly push his/her own music out there, just as Aultain Gaye, commonly known as AG Da Profit has done.

Initially when AG won the awards back in June, he was picked up by Hottfm’s Lady Emotionz and interviewed about his successful and most talked about 2016 song “Real Talk” – the song that uses the real voices of children expressing their need to go to school.

At that time, the government of Liberia had just partnered with Bridge Partnership Schools for Liberia.

Meanwhile, AG is not only a talented rapper with a divine humbleness to his success, but he was once a scholarship football player all through college, but chose music as his profession.

“Music and soccer have always been his passion. He played soccer in college and had a scholarship for it. After graduating from college he began to focus on his music career as a profession,” his release stated.

If you asked me, artists who are talented in other areas tend to treat their most recent engagement with the same care and focus as that of an old talent; therefore you find out that they end up becoming super engaged and good at what they’re doing. Music seems to be what AG is
super at and LIB Life is not the only ones to think so.

“I featured on BBC recently when my song “Hook on It” got recognized by them. The song came about after I had already recorded the “Hook on It” track without a hook. So I sent it to Spinner; he heard it and put a hook on it quickly, and sent it back. Then I forwarded it to Bolaji to check it out; he sent it to different platforms. I had a couple of interviews and plays, but the biggest of them all was BBC. They contacted him about the song to premier it on July 26, on Liberia’s Independence Day. The message of the song was really touching or maybe it was the tune of my voice and pain I expressed on the record. But it was a ‘dream come true.’ Just in one year it feels like I’m still dreaming,” AG added.

As for now, A.G is getting the hang of things: his stardom, fans and thousands of supporters promoting him on social media.


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